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7 Ways The Enemy is Working To destroy YOUR Christmas!

There’s an enemy in this world, he’s crafty and cruel, he’s on the prowl, and he hates Christmas. The very truth that Jesus came to dwell among us and set us free from sin, makes Satan fiercely mad, and he

If You Feel Stuck, Here’s Help For you!

We've all been stuck in life, but here is what you need to do to become free. Feeling stuck is incredibly frustrating. You feel blah, depressed and out-of-sorts. We all go through this at times in our lives. You’re bored

Sometimes, Rock Bottom can be A Blessing!

Hitting rock bottom has taught me a lot. Life situations like having to scratch together money for a coffee or to buy gas to get to work was less than memorable. The sadness over the loss of a loved one,

God Is YOUR President!

…Vacations,holiday pay or hand holding, propping up or cuddling. He has a health plan for you that is not determine by outrageous co-payments and the

Not Successful? Maybe it’s Not God’s Plan!

It’s no secret that the American dream is rooted and established on the idea of personal success. Our whole culture is centered upon personal achievement, and it’s become an obsession. We hear endless chatter of success in all different forms--