Are You Rethinking Your Life?

As the seasons of your life change, many of you will undergo life transitions. Perhaps you are completing a significant part of your education, anticipating the workforce and “digging in” to a career. Or, maybe, you are looking forward to your wedding and starting a household with your soon-to-be spouse. Maybe, too, you are thinking of changing your career, the place where you live, or starting a new activity.

“Something new” can sound absolutely wonderful if you’ve been snowed in for months (as many have). That fresh outlook, newly minted degree and brand-new chapter of life can seem like an exiting adventure…or something daunting or nervous-making.

Prayer is a powerful way to find security in new endeavors and activities. It is a wonderful way to be still, speak to God, and listen to find discernment, especially about which gifts – among the many you possess – are those God is calling you to use in the months and years ahead. It’s an internal process with external components – we know from Scripture that we’re not to let our light be hidden under a bushel, but rather to let it shine, to use the talents God has given us to the fullest extent we can.

Of course, we can’t do everything all at once. And God has a way of showing us that the gifts we thought we were supposed to use might not be the ones he wants for us to use, at least not yet!

Prayer can help You sort all of this out. And, You we pray and act, move forward, we are sure you will find more light along your journey and, no doubt, more gifts along the way, too! If you will pray, God will show you the way as you rethink your life!

– Maureen Pratt