Tired of where You are? God is Leading You!

The fact is that the Christian life is pretty much so. We like to have control. We want to know what is ahead in order to trust God. Yet, our Lord will guide us through life one step at a time, without showing us the whole map, never knowing His entire plan. He did it with Abraham when He asked him to leave his family and head to a land he had never seen. He did it with Joseph when his evil brothers sold him as slave. He did it with David when the King he loved and served persecuted him…….. Read more on Pro Player Insiders


5 things to remember when you think God has abandoned you
“In a world in which there is a growing tide of hostility towards Christianity, we need to teach our children the Word of God and how to defend it. There are three places our children ultimately learn and develop their worldview and belief system …
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