Keep going Forward With God As You Wait On Him!


Did you have ever have a dream of what you wanted to do with your life and how you would like your life to be? Did you ever feel like it was best that you keep the dream totally to yourself? Have you ever made a plan and made a bit of progress, and then forgot your plan, because life got really busy and constant distractions got in the way and took your focus over? If this has ever happened to you, then Most of the time, about a month or so later you might even think of the plan again and ask for guidance or you might even make a connection with someone, and continue to work on the goal for a little while. Next thing you know, its March, and that important goal has not moved too far, because of yo yo focus on it. Yo Yo dieting is a lot like that, or paying attention to one’s health or any other goal for that matter is like that.

God understands how hard it is to change. He also understands how hard it is to live life in a world that is constantly changing where there are constant problems and constant distractions trying to steal your time, your energy and your focus, this is why He offers to help you. If it’s hard for you to reach goals, Be easy on yourself, slow down, take time to enjoy this life that God has given you, He is not in a hurry for you to reach your goals, He would rather you be happy and at peace than angry, stressed, tired, and constantly frustrated because you can’t focus and can’t reach your goals. It is not unusual for  Life to try to take over with problems and distractions and then you can’t focus or remember what you were doing…When life takes over, It often  makes it impossible to  focus on what you are trying to make happen. But have you considered that Perhaps, it is part of God’s plan that your goals are not realized in precisely the manner in which you may have prescribed?

If this is so, simply ask God to help you formulate a better plan to help you reach your goals in a manner that will resonate with what He would want to see happen in your life this year, then wait…..God longs to get involved with you and your decision making process towards reaching your goals, but oftentimes He waits to be asked. Some things may happen in your  life to abort your focus and take your life over because God has a better plan for your life or God may have a different plan for your life. God wants you to set Goals, and He wants you to reach them, but He also wants you to consult Him when you make goals and then inquire of Him so that He may respond and Guide you, but in order to do this, you do have to first of all make Goals, pray and present your goals to God and then wait for God to respond to what you have written and prayed in order for it to work…… And worth mentioning is the fact that it could potentially take God a while to respond to your request for various reasons…..But if you’re serious about setting goals and seeing success this year, doing this will be worth the time, energy and effort that will be required for you to do this…. If you want to do this, then we have some tips for you while you are waiting on God to answer your prayer requests regarding setting your goals, you’ll find the tips below;

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself… Make a plan for each day or week, to focus on a specific goal, and write an obtainable goal for that day or week, towards the wanted outcome but leave space and room for God to edit or change your how to reach your goals according to His Divine design for your life.
    • Ask God to help you Find the best option for you on how to reach your specific goals. Not every goal you set is a God goal, but if it’s part of God’s plan for your life, He will help you reach it!
  • Ask God what Goals He’d like you to specifically reach this year and then wait…
  • Get a partner who can help you with accountability  for your goals
  • Have a sense of humor about the process. Because when you are smiling you aren’t upset, angry or frustrated. Some goals may not be one in which having a sense of humor is possible, try allowing this, to help with the stress of what the goal is.
  • Continue to Ask God for help or assistance. We are not separate and someone may have the perfect resource for you, you’ll never know until you ask.




-Peg J. & “The WIN International Ministries Team”