Ever Wondered What to do if You’re Not Happy With Church?

There are some traditional churches that sing hymns, enjoy modest or formal settings, and are, how should we put it, a little quieter! Other churches, on the other hand, love rock concert-style worship, feel-good messages by charismatic preachers, and lots of fun. But regardless of the style of the service, one question remains: are your spiritual needs met in your church?

Most people understand that when church happens, there’s going to be singing, some Bible reading, some giving, and then going home. But what do you do when attending church services doesn’t seem to feed or nourish your spirit?

Meeting your spiritual needs

There are four things that the early believers devoted themselves to, as seen in Acts 2:42. Contrary to what modern churchgoers think, these four things meet the basic spiritual needs of a Christian, in addition to what an obedient believer receives when they obey Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:18-20.

1) Apostle’s teaching

The early church kept teaching believers about the Lord, His ways and His precepts. God’s Word is central to what the church should be doing. Does your pastor teach you about the Lord and His ways in the Word?

2) Fellowship

The early believers made meaningful and healthy relationships with each other, encouraging each other in the Lord. Does your church family offer a community where you are accepted in the Lord and encouraged to grow in Him?

3) Breaking of bread

The early church never strayed from the core message of Christianity: Christ died for all men. Does your church focus on Christ and His finished work? Or are you taught to prove your worthiness to be saved and accepted by God?

4) Prayer

The early church prayed and relied on the Lord always. Does your church seek the Lord and pray for His will to be done? (see Matthew 6:9-13)

What to do when Your spiritual needs aren’t met

When you realize that any one of these needs isn’t fully met by attending church services, know that you can do the following:

1) Stop blaming the church and realize that your feeding comes from a daily walk with God

Church services can’t fully nourish you. It’s like eating one meal for one whole week! Keep in mind that daily Bible reading, prayer and obedience to God is what should primarily feed you!

2) Look to God for growth

Let’s face it, “it is by your own faith that you stand firm” (2 Cor. 1:24). No other person can make you grow because it is God “who makes things grow” (1 Cor. 3:7). Look to Him for all that you need spiritually.

3) Choose giving more than receiving

True, we should be fed in church, but when we think about receiving more than we do giving out, then we become selfish. Focus on receiving from the Lord in your devotions, then giving out by serving others. Church will be more meaningful to you through this.


JB Cachila