No Matter What, God Is Bigger Than YOUR Problems!

“They shall obtain gladness and joy. And sorrow and sighing shall flee away” (Isaiah 51:11).

“The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here” (Romans 13:12a).


Has the night been long for you? Have you groaned in anguish over a trial in your life – a mountain that doesn’t seem to budge? Here is your promise:  God is working even when you don’t see it.

Once when I was in utter despair over a severe challenge in my life, I was doing a face plant on my kitchen floor, crying (literally) to God over the pain in my heart. It was real; and it wasn’t over something trite like finances or a work-related issue. It was over the closest thing to my heart:  my child.

Still on the kitchen floor, I called my dear friend. I thought she would pray for me and offer me some consolation. Instead, she asked me to do the hardest thing possible at that moment. She gently challenged me: “Jill, stand up, lift your hands and declare, ‘God is working!’”

“What?! How is that possible when you are in despair?” I thought to myself.

But, I trusted my friend. I knew she loved me. I knew she was right. Feeling as though I weighed 10,000 pounds, I slowly struggled to my feet. With great effort I lifted my arms – each weighted down with grief – to Heaven. In a feeble voice I cried, “God is working.” I repeated that over and over getting slightly stronger each time. Finally I said it with some strength. Hope began to rush in again. Despair retreated, and in an hour or so I was delivered from hopelessness and was back to operating in at least a measure of faith once again.

Faith is declaring what is Truly True but not necessarily obvious to our senses. We don’t base our lives on facts. We base our lives on our faith in the Truth of the Word of Jesus Christ. His Truth trumps every fact we face.

Are you in dire circumstances today that render you hopeless? Here is your encouragement, my friend:

  1. Stand up.
  2. Lift your hands.
  3. Declare the Truth: “God is working.”
  4. Repeat this forever until you see the change His Word promises.

And, we invite you to pray this plain and simple prayer with us:


When all is dark around me, I declare You are my light.

When the night lasts too long, I declare that You are my morning Sun.

When the winter cold blasts my soul, I declare that Spring is coming soon.

When the facts around me are wretched, I declare that You are more Real than the facts.

When nothing seems to be working, I declare YOU ARE WORKING!

I magnify You over this problem, for You are bigger.

In Jesus’ Name,


Lift your hands and declare it, dear friend. Shout it out! Raise the roof with your worship music! Give the neighbors something to talk about! He is BIGGER than the issues we face!