Are you tired?

Dear child of God, if you were looking for our daily devotional today, we were unable to send it to you because our server was down and did not allow us access until now. You will find today’s article below, we hope you will enjoy it!


There may be days when you don’t want to get out of bed and there may be days when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed because your circumstances may seem so overwhelming,you may just not feel like having to deal with it yet another day. Child of God,you’re not alone,everyone at some point and time has felt this way, but each person has found that sooner or later you do have to get up out of bed and you do have to deal with the over whelming circumstances that you feel like crawling up under a rock and hiding from. No matter who you are or what the conditions of your life are right now, even if it looks easy to others, you will have days when you feel like giving up. You will have days when you are just plain tired of it all and feel like you just can’t take anything more and you  will want to give up and quit.  We’ve found  to get through overwhelming situations like that’s you’ve got to have a defensive stratedgy in place to offset those terrible circumstances that will give you the hope and the desire to press on and to press forward in spite of any pain or suffering you have to endure. We’ve found the best  strategy  to overcome what life throws at you is to meditate on what you are grateful to God for in spite of what is not going right in your life. Even in your most difficult, painful, scary, lonely, unfair, or heart wrenching circumstances, being grateful for what you do have will make you feel better and take your mind and your focus off all of the things that are wrong.. Being grateful to God will lift your spirits and will make you very appreciative to God for what He has already done for you and for what has gone right in your life.  If you will do this, then Your world view of your situations will be changed and so will your outlook on life!

Everyone at some point and time in life is going to have an enormously miserable day but it is how you choose to respond to what has made you miserable that often makes the difference in whether you remain miserable or pull yourself out of it.But you may wonder how can you change your miserable circumstances and be grateful when someone you love is dying, or your friend just lost their job, or your kid just failed their sophomore year, or you just found out that you didn’t get the job or promotion that you wanted or maybe someone you love is making you miserable and you don’t see a way out? Well, to try to pull yourself up out of the slum of being miserable, you often will have to start very small and for every bad situation that is making you miserable, ask yourself the following 3 questions;

1. What is good about this situation?

2. What good could come out of it?

3. What am I supposed to be learning from this?

After you ask yourself these 3 questions, choose to honestly answer them and if your answers are good ones, you’ll be satisfied and will feel better knowing that better days are ahead. But if you can find nothing good at all about your circumstances we encourage you to invite God into your miserable circumstances and allow Him to;

1. Show you what is good about the situation.

2. Show you what good can come out of it.

3. Show you what you should be learning from it.

Your view of your miserable circumstances is different from God’s view of your miserable circumstances. Once you take the time to really think about what is making you miserable and get God’s perspective on why He is allowing the miserable circumstances to continue, you’ll quickly realize that you shouldn’t waste too much time and energy dwelling in the sea of the miserable circumstances that currently exists in your life simply because God is simply using where you are as a temporary lay over en-route to your permanent destination!So don’t let the short term temporary lay over that you are experiencing right now,continue to steal your joy,choose to be happy and grateful to God in spite of and wait with patience for your permanent destination that God has for you!

Do you want God to refresh you, revive you and renew you again? If you do, join us in this simple prayer;

Holy Father God, the stress, the strain and the overload of my life has hedged me in and has brought me to the point of exhaustion. Father, I don’t believe that this is your will or plan for my life. For your word says in John 10:10, Jesus came to give me life and to give me life more abundantly. Father I cannot live the abundant life that you intended me to live if I am brought down each day by the heavy loads of my troubles, my problems and my responsibilities. Please help lighten my heavy loads dear God, please refresh me again, please renew me again and revive me so that I can go on in this race of life that you’ve called me to endure so that I may achieve all that you have purposed for me to achieve during my lifetime in Jesus’s name I ask and pray – Amen


Remember to use the resources below to help improve your quiet time with God and help deal with your tiredness!

Visit the below link and print free quiet time sheets to use when you spend private time with God;


Want to get alone with God for 3 minutes a day as you wait on Him to refresh you?Visit the exciting link below and choose to take a daily 3 minute retreat and get alone with God and let Him speak to your heart!

We invite you to read God’s word to be refreshed and energized for “the entrance of God’s word into your situations will light your path and will give you the strength to go on”!