Tired? God wants to refresh you!

One of the pitfalls of living in our troublesome world is that you can become problem-centered rather than God-centered. When this happens oftentimes you will lose the proper perspective. Gradually,all your problems begin to look huge and the strength of almighty God seems small. Instead of moving mountains by faith,you may become a constant worrier,creating mountains of needless pressure for yourself and others.

Isaiah 40 is an effective prescription for you if your problems have gotten the best of you and God seems to be small to you because your problems appear bigger.God wants to remind you that He is much bigger than the world He created.He points out that compared to Him, “the nations are as a drop in a bucket” and the inhabitants of earth “are like grasshoppers”. His words aren’t meant to belittle you,but rather to encourage you to look to Him and gain His perspective of life. God offers you more than a new perspective. He offers you something that will enable you to be able to live by that view.

Here’s God’s offer to you; If you will depend on Him instead of brooding over your problems; He will renew your strength, and wings of faith will lift your heart above your difficulties. While it is true, some of your problems and worries might be huge, your problems are small compared to How big our God is and how Great our God is! And that,child of God makes all the difference in this world! Your worry will end where your faith begins!

Do you want or need God to refresh you? If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Lord,give me wings to soar above my problems great and small.
Give me strength,faith and confidence  To trust You with them all, bless me and Win International Ministries as we turn to you and depend on you. Refresh and renew me dear Lord, I ask and pray, give me the energy that I need to complete my race of life with patience and endurance, in Jesus name, I ask and pray – Amen!
I ask and Pray. -Amen