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Is “Yours” A trust problem too?

I have a confession to make–sometimes trusting God is a challenge. Last week, I was stressing about our finances. But here’s the thing–we have money to pay all of our bills. We have a roof over our head, two nearly-new vehicles to

Don’t Worry, God will Help you!

Over the ages, God has been proven faithful by the many things that He has done for His people. In Genesis, we read Him saving Noah and his family from the wickedness of their time. We read God mightily delivering

Calm YOUR Anxiety with Scripture and Prayer!

If you are an adult living the world today, you have no doubt experienced stress and anxiety at some point. In part, it may be created by the technological age in which we live. We have too much input coming

Tired of it all?Invite God to help make things better!

 Even when you try to have a good day sometimes, things can still be rough and tough to deal with. Be encouraged today, you don't have to travel the road alone in life; God offers to travel it with you.

You can make it with God’s help!

We saw the storm coming. While it was still days away, the predictions chilled our spines and jolted our complacency. “It’s a monster!” “Disaster is not only at our doorstep, it’s coming in!” Now it arrives and will it be

Don’t look back! God is providing something new!

I believe in being the best at what you do. I was great at sinning when that was my lifestyle. Now that Christ redeemed my life, I do my best every day to serve and please Him. I gave my

Give YOUR worries to God! Trust God for a plan!

Worry used to be such a stronghold for me that if I wasn’t worried on any given day, I would start to worry about what I should be worried about. I can’t even begin to add up the days, months,

God has “fresh starts” for you!

After the dust has settled, it’s time for you to make a fresh start! It’s time to cast away all your fears and start fresh.⁣ If you don't like what's been happening in your life, it’s time for a change.

Don’t like what is? Seek God for a fresh start!

In the midst of life’s challenges and trials, it’s not uncommon to feel weary and discouraged. For Christians who have been tirelessly striving to do good, only to find themselves stuck in unchanging circumstances, the burden can feel overwhelming. If

Hate To Wait For God? 8 Reasons You Should Wait for God to guide you!

With e-ticket receipt printed, music selected, and exciting meetings planned, I felt totally excited. I couldn’t wait to fly to Nashville and record my latest album with a Grammy-winning producer. Suddenly, I got sick. My plans crashed. With the trip

Prayers for YOUR Pain!

No one likes pain. And for some, it feels unending. Pain can be physical, and it can be emotional. And yet, all pain hurts. And it leaves us asking questions; wondering why God allows our pain. Why Am I in

Miracles are still possible if God shows up!

Life has this uncanny ability to throw curveballs at us when we least expect it. The twists and turns often lead us into dark and seemingly endless tunnels of despair. It's in these moments that the concept of waiting takes

Things will get better,God Will turn things around!

John the Baptist was languishing in prison and questioning his faith. He may well have wondered some of the same things that may have crossed your mind, such as: Is Jesus the Messiah? Is His word true? Have I

Raindrops and Crucibles

In every crucible, God longs for us to see Him, to trust Him, to lean in on Him. You heavens above, rain down my righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up,