Still Unhappy With Life? God is working to change it!

Does it seem like your life has taken a downward spiral and it seems like there are no rebounds scheduled for you in the near future time soon? Child of God, if this is what your life seems like or feels like, don’t get too comfortable in your downward spirals just yet, for when God is in something, it will change and it will get better eventually!Let’s take a look at Joseph in Genesis 37; Josephs brothers threw him in a pit, threatened to murder him, and ultimately sold him into slavery. Because Joseph waited on God, everywhere he found himself God elevated him and blessed him. When Potiphars wife lied about Joseph, and he was thrown into prison, he never stopped trusting God. When Pharaohs butler forgot about him, he never stopped trusting God. And finally all his dreams came true, because Joseph knew how to wait upon the Lord.One of the hardest things to do is Trusting God in all things or in all situations. You may find it hard to trust God and you may wonder if God will ever show you WHY you had to go through the things you went through but this is where Faith comes in place. When your faith arises you can be sure that even if God doesn’t explain to you why you went through what you went through, He will make “all things work together for your good and His Glory”! We invite you to be like us, choose to be like Joseph and trust God, wait on Him, no matter how long the answer seems delayed and no matter how long it seems to be taking!



As you wait on God, you never have to worry about things just randomly happening in your life, because everything that happens in your life and ours MUST go through God first in order for them to happen. We all have to remember that situations make us stronger and results in making us all wiser. Let’s look at it this way…God wants us all to have a better life, but unfortunately we all may have to go through some really bad circumstances before we get to the better life that God wants us to have. Eventually you’ll see and understand what God did in the midst of the problem or trial you suffered and even if you don’t ever see or understand why God allowed certain things to happen, know that He is God and His heart is good towards you, He is leading you step by step to your something better and your something more! You will have to hang in there with God as He takes you the long way on the journey you’re on with Him, and since you can’t change the route He’s chosen for you, why not decide to enjoy the journey and the scenery along the way?


Instead of worrying, getting depressed and doubting, why not Dare to Dream Again? If you feel knocked down or if you feel that you are losing faith, then pray to God and ask Him to help you dream again, ask Him to help you have faith again. Choose to journal your feelings to God in your quiet time with Him, Journal your prayers and your thoughts to God by using this resourceful link and record His amazing responses; For best results spend quiet time with God daily!


By journaling your thoughts, your feelings and your prayers to God, you will unleash some of the pent up frustrations that may be on the inside of you and you will also paint a clear picture for yourself and for God so that you can remember how you felt about what you brought to God in your quiet time, then you can remember what you prayed and how God answered. This is an incredible and excellent way to build your faith in God and to also create new entries in your book of life!


Choose to put your hope and trust in God. Choose to believe that God does really love you and He does have a plan and a purpose for your life even in the midst of what you might be currently going through. You see, when you genuinely have hope in God, you are enthused about living life, you are super excited and you can’t wait to begin each day with an air of expectancy looking to and believing that nothing will happen to you that you and God can’t handle together.


When you have genuine expectations that God is working in your life, you trust Him for the best possible solutions in your life and the best possible outcomes to happen in your life! You know that God Has unlimited resources and He has many, many possibilities of Him bringing you a solution at His set time to solve your problems. If you don’t feel this enthused about life or excited about life, ask God to help you feel that way! So keep following God dear 1, keep hoping and wishing for something better, you won’t have to wait forever for God to do something to fix your circumstances, you just have to wait until His set time comes to fix them for you.


Need strength as you wait upon God to fix your circumstances?
Join us in this simple prayer

Father God,
Creator of Heaven and Earth, thank you for inspiring me to rise above the pits of despair that keeps on trying to hold me hostage and keep me tied and bound to the chains of despair. I want your strength and the indwelling filling of the Holy Spirit to come into me and my circumstances and breathe fresh new life in me and in my nostrils to help me cope with the chains of oppressions that loom over me and around me. Father help me believe for something more, help me believe for something better. Encourage and build my faith in you father and how you are able to work in my life. I invite your one and only Son Jesus Christ to come into my life and into my circumstances to make the differences in my life that I have been unable to make to help me cope until such a time that you see fit to order your set time for me to bring me solutions to my problems that will allow me to take the shackles off my feet so that I may be able to proclaim, free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I am free at last in Jesus name I ask and pray – Amen