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Troubled? Unsure? Perplexed? Starting A Prayer Plan May Help!

Prayer is a spiritual journey. Just as a journey from your present location to the other side of the country requires that you have a plan to reach your destination, you need a plan to assist you in your spiritual

God has seen your hurt,your pain and your sorrow,help is on the way!

Have you every heard of the the OnStar button? Some time back, General Motors started installing this blue button on many of their vehicles. If you need help,all you have to do is press it. If you’re out of gas,if

If You are tired+UnMotivated,God has a Plan!

Do you ever have days when it is just difficult to get started and difficult to stir yourself up for even the simplest of tasks through your lack of motivation and confidence? Are you so tired sometimes that you find

Random News Around The World!

Bringing vanished faith back to life Russian-born rabbi and scientist Moshe Finkleman had to fight for his faith while growing up in Soviet Russia. Now, with his new book God is not Dead: Man’s Pursuit of Faith in Judaism, inspired

Random News Around The World

‘You have no faith in God. I’m going to kill you’ – Muslim dad attacks … During an angry confrontation, the father told her: ‘You have no faith in God. I’m going to kill you before the community find out.’

The Gallon of Milk (A Christian Story)

"The Gallon of Milk" -a story of a man who got to experience God's miracle by a simple prayer and obeying God despite the doubts. Bonus for helping others as well..

Inspirational Christian Stories Video

www.inhimitrust.com Inspirational Christian Stories video reveals words of wisdom, so you can improve your life and discover if you are the deliverer of "Falsehoods" or not when it comes to your children.

Inspirational Quotes

A video I made featuring my favorite inspirational quotes. I hope it inspires you. Video: pokerworld

ASAPH – From Despair to Delight Part 1 Christian Depression Help

www.MikeRaphael.MyVi.net Mike Raphael, a Baptist pastor from Virginia shares Christian Words of Encouragement in the fact that we do not know what this new year will bring. It may bring joy or it may bring times of difficulties, Christian emotions

No Condemnation – Christian Devotions

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Before the Throne of God Above – Christian Hymns ( Lyrics in Description )

Before the Throne of God Above Lyrics Christian Hymns playlist: www.youtube.com Before the throne of God above I have a strong, a perfect plea: A great High Priest, whose name is Love, Who ever lives and pleads for me. My

Christian Encouragement – Hope in God

God is sovereign in our suffering. He has a good purpose, and is working all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Be encouraged, and put your faith in God, as He has blessed us immensely in