When things are Terrible,Have Faith In God!

When you don’t know what to do and things are either not working or not working right, in order to make it through, you will have to pray, trust, believe and simply have faith in God.  You have to have faith that when you pray, God will hear you! You have to have faith that when you pray God will listen and that He will respond and help you. You don’t have to walk around saddled down with a yoke of problems on your back, Take it all to God in Prayer and leave it there..

Ask Him to help you..Ask Him to guide you to solutions that will work to solve your problems.  Ask Him to make clear to you the ways He wants you to go and in God’s  timing, He will respond and He will show you the way He wants you to go….. God never said life would be easy, fast and or a sure thing,  He said He would be with you in and through it all. Having faith in God means that you will believe God and His word even though, your circumstances may be dark, cold, unstable and terrible! It may seem like you’re all alone and no one knows what you’re going through, God knows, and when you pray to Him, He will help you!