Better Times Are Ahead..If You Pray!

Prayer is not always easy, and while we don’t necessarily want all our prayers scripted out for us (for we are in relationship with God, and we can speak with Him heart-to-heart all day long), our souls can benefit greatly from borrowing the prayers of the Bible, particularly the Psalms. David wrote a lovely evening prayer that has been enjoyed by God’s children for generations.

Today we will avail ourselves of David’s evening prayer found in Psalm 5, making it our own, plain and simple,David prayed the prayer below:


Answer me when I call to you,
O God who declares me innocent.

Spend time thanking God for His forgiveness. Jesus doesn’t condemn us; rather, He told us that He came to save us!

Free me from my troubles.
Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.
How long will you let people ruin my reputation?
How long will you make groundless accusations?
How long will you continue your lies?

David dives right into the dilemma he was facing at that moment. As a leader, he was hit with much opposition. It hurt to the core, and he freely pours out his lament to his God. Do likewise; spill your heart concerning your current challenge. Lay it before your God honestly and transparently. As you do, you will know your heart even better. He already knows it, but longs to hear you as a parent longs to hear the voice of his child.

You can be sure of this:
The Lord set apart the godly for himself.
The Lord will answer when I call to him.

David assures and reminds himself that God is listening and not only listening but providing solutions to his dilemmas. Build your faith by doing likewise.

Don’t sin by letting anger control you.
Think about it overnight and remain silent.
Offer sacrifices in the right spirit,
and trust the Lord.

David takes a short break from addressing God and talks to himself. He reminds himself that staying angry will not help the situation, rather taking control of his anger, giving himself time to think it over quietly, and coming to God in the right spirit will help. Trusting God will avert his anger, for God has all the answers he is searching for. Talk to yourself as you talk with God; instruct and admonish at will.

Many people say, “Who will show us better times?”

David’s not one of those people who don’t believe in the goodness of God. God will indeed show us better times; better times are on the way, because we have a God to whom we run for guidance and protection. Remind yourself that God is good. Always!

Let your face smile on us, Lord.
You have given me greater joy
than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine.
In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.

God is smiling. He isn’t an angry, vindictive God. He is a joy-giving God, a God of abundance, a safe God. Therefore, David hits his pillow with quiet confidence in his God, resting assuredly in Him in spite of the frightening battles he’s experiencing, and so can you. Remember toThank God for specific blessings in your life as you drift off to sleep tonight.