Christmas time– Hope for Resurrection!

As Christmas draws near in approximately 2 days depending upon where in the world you are located, we’d like to point out to you another interesting observation about Christmas and what it can mean to your life regardless as to where you may find yourself stationed at this present time in your life. But first, let’s look at a few things!  As we mentioned to you on yesterday, God is a strategist and He always has a plan and a way of escape for you even before you get into your trial of suffering.  The Christmas time of the year displays God’s handiwork marvelously, because the story of God’s son Jesus being born to the Virgin Mary was already miraculous enough but God didn’t stop there with the mystery of His handiwork, He took it a step further by orchestrating the resurrection of Jesus to be at a later time.

Jesus Christ lived His life as a regular adult, He worked as a carpenter, going where God wanted Him to go, and healing whom God wanted Him to heal.  Jesus healed the sick, the diseased, the lame, those possessed by demons, the blind and He even raised the dead. As the 1 and only son of God, Jesus Christ walked the earth for 33 years only to be crucified on an old rugged cross as His final departure. Jesus’s death happened because  the devil did not like the fact that God had sent His one and only Son into the world to help God’s people so the devil was determined to exercise his authority and his rule over God and his son. The devil wanted to prove his lordship, because he wanted ultimate control of the world and the people in it. The devil wanted to make sure he got rid of Jesus, so He used Pontius Pilate along with many others to crucify Jesus – . The Gospel of John–Chapters 18-21

God allowed the devil to think that He was winning by crucifying Jesus, so He allowed Jesus to go to the cross to be crucified publicly and He allowed Jesus to then later be buried. If the devil had known the true plan of God and if the devil had known that God was only using him to bring about His perfect plan for the redemption of all mankind, he would have never crucified Jesus. Mary wept uncontrollably because her one and only Son was slain right before her very eyes; her grief was inconsolable among many others that were beyond consolable. Darkness fell upon the land, and it would appear that the curtain of Jesus’s life had been closed and the coffin nailed firmly shut! It would appear that Hell had won and the devil was the rightful, god of this world. Oh, but God, in His Sovereign wisdom and as part of His plan, exercised His Sovereign right as ruler of His world, at just the right time to use His power, to orchestrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and to bring Him back from the dead, as if He had never been crucified. Jesus Christ appeared to His mother Mary, reassuring her of His return back from the dead!  Through this mighty act of God, He demonstrated His Sovereign rule over the evil plan of the devil and He demonstrated His power over even death itself because He gave ressurection!

Jesus’ tomb was opened and the stone in front of it was rolled away, out He walked fully restored with only nail scars amd minor bruises, as vibrant as the day He was born. Christmas time is a very pleasant reminder that when God is in, even death itself is not final and what has crucified you does not have the last word. Just like God allowed Jesus to go through hell for His purposes and then be crucified for His purposes, God may be allowing you to be going through hell for His purposes and as part of His plan to get you in position for the resurrection of what He has planned for your life.  God may be letting others think that you’re not going to make it and he may be letting hell think that it is winning but when God is in it, failure is never final! Death, burial and resurrection is the central theme of Jesus’s demise, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then you will undoubtedly be able to relate to this story of having to go through hell, because we are sure that you too may have been through hell and then some . You may have had some horrible things to happen to you and you might not be able to see just how things are going to get better for you and you may not know if God will resurrect the things in your life that have just wilted away, drifted away or slipped away. This Christmas we encourage you and we  urge you to dare to believe God for resurrection in your life. Dare to believe that if He did it for Jesus Christ, He will do it for you. God has given you the gift of eternal life because of the hell that Jesus had to go through.  God’s power and His ability are limitless and are not bound by man’s rules and man’s boundaries. Because He is God, and there is no other, God can do the impossible. – “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”- Matthew 19:26

Think now for a moment if you will, what are some things you need to see resurrected in your life this Christmas season? In what areas do you need resurrection? Is it your marriage? Your health? Your business? Your fiancés? Your children? Your job? In what area of your life do you need resurrection? Speak clearly to God and tell Him what you need resurrected! You may think or feel that what you’ve lost can never be resurrected but that’s not true, Mary the mother of Jesus thought she had lost Jesus Christ forever, imagine her surprise when Jesus Christ showed back up resurrected from the dead, 3 days later? If God did it for Jesus, He can do it for you!

Do you need resurrection in your life? If you want it or need it, join us in this simple prayer;

Father, God, your display of power and how you choose to orchestrate solutions to override the devil’s evil and scheming plans amaze me. I too am a victim of some things drying up in my life and being lifeless. I too am a victim of the devil’s schemes and tricks, I invite you to resurrect my life father.  Father, I invite you along with Jesus Christ to come into my dry and barren places and dry and barren relationships and revitalize them with your Holy resurrection power! I surrender my broken pieces to you Lord and ask you to do what only you can! Resurrect them dear Lord, Resurrect  them– In Jesus Name I ask and pray – Amen