Is God asking You to Use Your Faith?

They way you think will influence the way you will be. This is why God often asks you to have faith in order for you to receive from Him. What you think about the most of and what you imagine yourself as the most of is what you will become!


Welcome to the power of faith! If you want to become successful or wealthy then you just have to image yourself as being it by having faith and then you will become what you are wanting and thinking about because you are obsessed with it and you have faith about it.


If you want positive things to happen in your life then you have to think positive and picture yourself there and you will be able to get anything possible in life. Wealthy and successful people had the opportunity to get where they are today due to their constant thought and imagination for what they always wanted to be and the faith they had in it brought them there and to their riches that they imagined about.


If you want to be rich and successful in your family life and your business life then you have to just sit down for a moment and dream about it and have faith. You have to pray to God to ask Him to help you build and develop your faith. You have to have positive faith because if you have positive faith you will reach positive outcomes and positive things will happen in your life due to your positive thoughts and your positive prayers.


The opposite will happen if you have negative faith because that will trigger negative into your life. For example people who think about and have faith in committing crimes actually do end up committing them because they thought about that negative concept and it actually happened to them. Negative thought will lead to a negative lifestyle.


You are what you bring upon yourself and only you can control where the future will take you through the faith that you imagine and create! Life is a journey and if you want to get the most out of that journey then you will have to have the strongest faith and spend sufficent time with God praying to Him, seeking Him, and asking for His will to be done in your life with faith.


Curiosity is also an aspect that a lot of successful people have shared. They always wondered how things work and they did research on what they loved and through their discoveries, thoughts and faith they became wealthy and successful.


An example of this concept would be about Thomas Edison. He was curious about finding a way to make life a little brighter and through his curiosity and faith and also after many failed inventions he discovered electricity and the light bulb.


If you want to be wealthy and succeed in your business and your life then you have to be curious, have faith and imagination and then do some research and take the time to discover and think about what you love to do or something that you are interested in and you will find unlimited success and wealth in it.

When you use your faith and you see successful outcomes or results, remember to always, go back into prayer and thank God for How He has worked in your life as a result of your prayers and faith. When you pray to God, include WIN International Ministries in your heartfelt prayers for all of the contributions that we’ve made in your life to help you develop a better life and a closer walk with God!