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Troubled? Can God Pick how He Wants to solve Your Problems?

Each day is full of opportunities for God to be a "problem-solver in your life." There are dozens of decisions that must be made — decisions that have an effect not only you, but on your family too. Some days

Change YOUR Words and Change Your World!

Like nuclear matter released in the atmosphere or the down feathers of a pillow, when words are released, they cannot be undone. Words are a powerful force in our universe. With words, God created everything we see and everything we

Don’t like how things are?Try This!

Do you know the power God has invested in your words? Your words have such power that they can stop you from receiving what God has for you. God has invested great power in the words you speak daily, weekly

Tired of working?Ask God for help!

As you walk with God, you've probably figured out that there is a lot of work to be done and things usually don't get done unless you work. Most people started working early in life and some started working later

Need help? Call Unto God,He Will Answer You!

…I will deliver you and you will honour me”. The Lord, who made the earth, formed it and established it, is able to help you at all times. When

Random News Around The World!

…marvelous and myriad differences He established between the two sexes – male and female. Thank you God for blessing us with “the other.” “The

Are problems making you question God?

…banner of hope for those who accept Him. Through David, God established His kingdom forever and announced to the world the coming of the King of

This Good Friday,Look to God to provide for your resurrection!

…not only within your mind but within the very cells of your being. Affirm them until they are a confirmed and established part of your consciousness.

Are you depressed?

…a heart that is firmly established in the Word. 2. Speak to your problems, not about them. The more you talk about your problems, the bigger they