This Good Friday,Look to God to provide for your resurrection!

Do you wonder how you will have sufficient strength to meet some demand made upon you? God will provide! Do you doubt your ability to cope with some situation, with the persons involved? God will provide! Do you need wisdom, guidance, understanding, patience, or inspiration? God will provide! There is nothing God cannot do in and through your life and circumstances to help, uplift, heal, protect, and bless you. God’s power is not limited by material circumstance: It is not hindered by physical conditions. God’s power and might are greater than anything you may see as an obstacle to the fulfillment of your desire. God can do anything in and through you if you will but relax, let go, and let God. God will provide the channels through which your good will flow to you. God will provide the people, circumstances, and contacts through which your supply of substance will come.

God will open the right doors, lead you in the right path, direct you and counsel you, help and assure you, for God is your all-providing source of good. God will provide! God will provide! God will provide! Repeat these words over and over. Say them to yourself again and again until you feel them vibrating not only within your mind but within the very cells of your being. Affirm them until they are a confirmed and established part of your consciousness. You need not reason how things will resolve themselves in some difficulty facing you. Simply rest in the everlasting truth that God will provide in a wise and perfect way. When you need to know the way to go, when a decision must be made, rest in the wonderful assurance of the words: God will provide. Let them flow as a river of peace from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. God will provide… God will provide… God will provide. God will!

God will provide substance to pay your bills. God will provide renewal of your body cells. God will harmonize your relations with others. God will bring forth the perfect job. God will guide you to right companionship. God will open new opportunities, new channels of supply to you. God does provide! As certainly as the loaves and fishes were provided for the multitude, your daily needs are provided for. You are the beloved of God, and it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of overflowing provision. There is nothing too much for God to provide.

In prayer, talk to God about the things that challenge you and rest in the assurance that answers and solutions are already coming to you. The moment you open the door of your mind to God’s presence, divine provision begins to flow through your life and circumstances.Carry this thought with you and you will enter into a new awareness of oneness with God. Let the words, God will provide, seep into the deepest nooks and crannies of your thoughts and feelings, and each day will bring forth miracles of light, healing, and supply. God is already providing you with guidance, direction, and illumination. God is already opening up new paths for you to tread upon. God is, in this very moment, inspiring you to go forward in courage, faith, and love. Know that God will provide! God will provide!

Happy good Friday!

God will provide!