Anxious? Tired…Chat About it With God..He may Be listening!

For many, the phrase “conversations with God” refers to the Neale Donald Walsch book entitled conversations with God.  Have you ever wondered if  Mr. Walsch actually had dialogs with God,  Most people never even thought about it.  an actual authentic conversation with God can be an exceptional and wonderful encounter.  It exceptional to think that our God of the Universe cares enough or has time enough to listen to  our conversations and wonderfully delightful that at some point and time He may engage with us  while we are chatting and actually reveal Himself. If you feel up to it, today could be your lucky day. chat away, God may be listening.

Conversations with God  and chatting with God are very different from the usual nature of prayer. Prayers are commonly only in one direction – the one praying speaks and hopes God is listening. Prayers also tend to focus on asking for specific things or outcomes one wants, rather than seeking to chat with God and better understand His mind.

Some of you already have daily chats with God.  Some, like my Mother while she was among us, have a daily talk with Jesus.  Others, are sure that the idea of a personal two-way conversation with God is impossible. For those who have not yet experienced an intimate exchange of thoughts and feelings with God, we want to give you a few suggestions for beginning the process.

1. Don’t expect a blinding light on the road to Damascus when you are chatting with God. Don’t expect a booming voice offering you stone tablets with the Ten Commandments inscribed. For most of us, the voice of God is very subtle, and can only be heard when we pay close attention and listen.

2. Believe.  Because the voice of God is usually a quiet voice, the slightest degree of skepticism will make you dismiss God’s message as just a daydream or as the result of something you ate for breakfast.

3. For some, conversations or chats with God occur spontaneously. For others, structure and intent work better. Try the following sequence and see if it helps:

– Exercise or take a quiet walk for at least half an hour to quiet your body.

– Stand or sit quietly while breathing deeply for five minutes to quiet your mind.  If you know Qigong or  Yoga, these are even more effective ways of quieting your body and mind.

– In total silence, sit with your back straight, your hands on your thighs with palms upward, and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your head slightly, close your eyes lightly, and raise your eyes.  It is natural, and a sign that you are open to communication, if your eyelids begin to flutter.

– State your affirmation that you are in communication with God, and begin your chat conversation.

4. For some people, the voice of God expresses itself better in writing. Try holding a pen as you talk to God, and let His words flow onto your paper with as little thought as possible on your part.

Don’t be discouraged if intimacy with God evades you at first.  Having a conversation and an authentic chat with God is a worthwhile feat you should keep pursuing until you feel that you are in touch with God and tuned in to His voice.  Because You are a child of God, God invites you to chat with Him, He wants to hear what you want to say and give you the opportunity to get things off your chest with Him. Start chatting with God, invite Him and engage Him in a personal dialog with you, give Him your stress, your worry, your anxieties and your fear and in return let Him give you His love, His calming presence and His care, don’t let the noise of the world create static on the line and block you from being able to get through to God, keep chatting, start the conversation with God, today, He may be listening. Seek others who do share intimate conversations with God and let them share with you the comfort they receive from direct communication with God so that you can get to know God for yourself. God already knows you, He’s inviting you to chat with Him today, so that you can get to know Him better. Chat with God today, He may be listening!

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