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Dear God Seeker,

Again, thank you for your prayers as we “Watched, Waited and rode out” Hurricane Irma, indeed it was a very stressful and trying circumstance to have to endure but with God’s Protection we made it through. Fortunately enough for us, Our clean up efforts were concluded and accomplished very quickly as we did not have very much debris at all, we had no power outages and no damage to our homes or offices. The state of Florida however had lots of debris along with damage and electrical power outages, so our efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Irma’s powerful wrath continues on as we continue to share the Love of God and the plans of God as well as the Good news of the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

We may never know for sure why God allows such “Hurricanes, to visit, alter, and destroy the lives of so many, but we can tell you that God does work in mysterious ways, the storm has brought many people to God that may not have otherwise known Him, many people have given their life to Jesus Christ because they were led to Jesus because they were in the storm. Many people needed help and they were not able to get help before the storm, now help has been extended to them… Many people were not honoring God, many had bad attitudes, did not care and were doing evil things and evil deeds…….when the storm hit them, they changed…….Many people needed new homes, new trailers, new places to go, new stuff to do, they needed new cars, new places to live, they were bored or they felt stuck or they were just plain tired and now because of the storm, they will be able to get new home, new trailers, new cars, go new places, see new things, do new things and they were able to get some much needed rest. Additionally those that felt bored and burned out by life finally realized that life is a gift that they were taking for granted for life is NOT guaranteed it is given by God and He intends for each person to enjoy it and fulfill the plans and purposes for which God has created them for…

God is so good, He has already given so much, we have found that boredom and burnout with life are signs that too much emphasis is being placed on external circumstances and external things to bring inward satisfaction, when true happiness and satisfaction is something that only God can give when you seek Him and meet His conditions and standards for Holy Living. If you’re at a place in your life where you are experiencing your own personal “Hurricane” because of what you’re going through and you are tired, bored, fed up, sick, or just fricking tired of it all, I’d like to encourage you to lean on and depend on the rock who is stronger than you, higher than you and mightier than you, God Himself, for He shall never leave you or forsake you. God has something ahead for you that requires you stay the course and endure your “Personal Hurricane” right where you are just like we stayed put and did not evacuate when Hurricane Irma visited us. When you get to the other side of what you’re going through, you will remember and claim the verse, “It was good for me that I was afflicted, held down, held back, and delayed, for I would have never seen the goodness of the Lord in it’s fullness in the land of the Living”


Evangelist Wendy Evans

Founder and CEO Of

WIN International Ministries

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