Maybe What Has Happened occured so You May Learn who God is.

My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. (John 10:10)

You feed them from the abundance of Your own house, letting them drink from your river of delights. (Psalm 36:8)


Eeryone longs for a life that is satisfying. We search for paths to that ideal life, and often the roads we take are dead ends, or worse, they bring us harm, not happiness. Jesus offers us a life that is rich and satisfying, abundant with blessings.

Granted, He also promises troubles and trials and even persecution, but in spite of those challenges, we are promised a life that is successful. When we walk with Jesus, He has the power to give us joy even in the most trying of circumstances, and peace in the middle of the most turbulent storms.


This is real. We have experienced it. You might be saying, “Mark and Jill, you’ve never gone through what I have gone through.”

That is true, but I wish we could sit down with you and share our story… You’d think differently if we had that opportunity. Perhaps one day soon we will write more about it, but it will take much more than a blog… In the meantime, trust us: we know sorrow, we know grief, we know heartbreak, we know betrayal, and we know pain. They have become a part of the fiber of our lives.

Today as I was walking our dog, I offered up thanks to God for those trials; He didn’t send them, for He’s not the instigator of things that steal, kill, and destroy. But He certainly has put them to good use for our benefit. Scripture tells us to thank Him in our troubles, not necessarily for them. But today I was thankful for them, so much good has come from them that I can’t begin to thank Him enough.

Here is a list of a few of the benefits suffering has afforded us:

  1.  Self- awareness. We have been able to see ourselves in a new light, offering us a chance to repent and change where repentance and change has been warranted.
  2. Making our faith truly ours. Having both grown up in faith-filled homes, it was easy to be complacent. It’s a cinch to think that just because you know a Scripture – perhaps you have even memorized it – that you are actually living it. We found gaps in our character – areas where we had not walked out what we believed. One prime example: forgiveness. It’s non-negotiable.
  3. Jesus is near to the brokenhearted. Through our trials, He has been closer than we have ever felt Him. I just lift my head His direction, and I can almost feel His breath on my face, almost sense His tender kiss on my forehead. He is real! He is close! He is amazing… and so worthy of our praise and adoration.

Are you feeling stuck, like the good life has eluded you, like you’ve missed your chance and your boat has left the dock without you? Jesus isn’t through with you, my friend. Pray this plain and simple prayer with us…


Your Word has promises that I long to see fulfilled in my life. Would you please show me how to access the kind of life you died to provide for me?

I realize I’m not asking for a life free of challenge and struggle. Challenge and struggle are what we run into on this side of eternity.

So, Lord, I offer my life to You anew today. Take me, all of me. Remove from me anything that is holding me back from the destiny You have ordained for me, and set me free to live the life You desire me to live.

I renounce all fear, all worry, all panic, all timidity, and all negative thoughts.

I receive Your promise to live a meaningful life. Lord, take over. I give You the reigns of this life of mine, and I choose to walk with You down this new path towards a life of abundant love, joy, and peace.

In Jesus’ Name