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God has “fresh starts” for you!

After the dust has settled, it’s time for you to make a fresh start! It’s time to cast away all your fears and start fresh.⁣ If you don't like what's been happening in your life, it’s time for a change.

Cast Your “Worries” on God!

So many things can happen that can cause you to worry, but God doesn't want you to worry! God wants you to cast your cares on Him and trust that He will take care of them! God has allowed some

It’s not too late! God can still make a way!

In the midst of weariness and frustration, when our efforts seem to yield no fruit and our circumstances refuse to budge, it can be easy to succumb to doubt and despair. Yet, in these moments of trial and tribulation, it

Going through difficult circumstances? Wait on God, it will be worth it!

Dear friends, Are you currently facing challenging circumstances that seem to have no end in sight? Are you feeling weary and in need of encouragement? I have something special to share with you today that I believe will uplift your spirit

Your Patience is neccessary to get what God has for you!

If you're reading this, there's a high chance that you're tired of dealing with constant struggles. We have found that life can be quite unpredictable, crazy, unstable, worrisome, and discouraging and it's not uncommon to experience financial problems, sickness, family

Need new directions?

1. Study the Bible. Learn from its Teachings. 2. Rebuild your Relationship with Christ. 3. Love Everyone around you, no matter their Religion or Beliefs 4. Trust in God.He truly believes in you. 5. Connect to God by Prayer or Meditation 6. Join Jesus-loving disciples

Trade your sorrows for God’s Joy! God can make a way!

When times are hard, help is very little, and your problems don’t seem to get any better no matter what, pray and trust God! Trust God to lead you to something better. God’s plan is perfect, and God is able to

God will keep working, but only if “YOU keep praying”!

We all know that prayer is an important part of our spiritual growth. There are countless stories of answered prayers and testimonies of those who have seen the power of prayer in their lives. But what do we do when

If it seems to be taking too long, try this!

The Bible is full of God's marvelous promises, and  most of us want to live to see God's promises fulfilled in our lives. But, let's face it, learning to trust God isn't the easiest thing in the world to do

Unsatisfied with your life? Trust God for new “bountiful lines in pleasant places”!

Sometimes life can feel like a never-ending cycle of challenges and because you have been going through it for a while, you might question why things aren't changing or getting better. It's in these moments when you feel stuck and

Look for God’s Formulas for life’s frustrating problems!

If you are like me, you have likely tried to find your way through a difficult situation by your own strength. There are times when no matter what we do, it just doesn’t seem good enough. We get frustrated and

At any moment…Things could change, if God pitches in to help!

We know that life can be tough sometimes. It can feel like we're constantly battling problems that just won't go away. Whether it's financial struggles, health issues, or a lack of support from those around us, it's easy to feel

Throw a monkey wrench in what was, Get God’s strategies for your stress!

Amidst life's whirlwinds and tumultuous journeys, the divine intervention of God can serve as YOUR supreme beacon, guiding you to a haven of peace and calm. With faith by your side, the stressful storms that frequently plague you can begin

Wanna good change in YOUR circumstances? *Grab your Power Boost*!

Life can be a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs, challenges and triumphs. In those moments when weariness sets in and doubts start to creep in, it's important to find solace and inspiration. Today, we have a special treat