If You Feel Stuck, Here’s Help For you!

We’ve all been stuck in life, but here is what you need to do to become free. Feeling stuck is incredibly frustrating. You feel blah, depressed and out-of-sorts. We all go through this at times in our lives. You’re bored with your job. You know it’s time to leave and yet you can’t seem to get motivated to find something new. Or the relationship you’re in has been essentially over for ages but you remain stuck in that “should I stay or should I go?” thinking and it’s driving you crazy. You’re in a rut and you can’t seem to get out of it. A stuck place is often characterized by procrastination, perpetual dissatisfaction, confusion, fear and lack of confidence. feeling-stuck
You can’t imagine a better future for yourself so you stay where you are. All those things combined lead to a lack of action. Whether you feel stuck in your career, a relationship, a health challenge, your overall life purpose, or just feel stuck in life in general, following are five ideas to help get you moving forward again.

Ask Yourself What can I do that would be fun?

When you’re feeling stuck life feels dreary and heavy. Your thinking may simply revolve around “what should I do to get out of this rut?” and you come up with a rehash of old options as a response. All the answers probably seem too difficult to achieve or require more effort and energy than you presently have available. Your first task is to get the energy moving in your life again. You want to get out of the emotional state that’s keeping you where you are. One of the best ways to achieve this is doing things that are enjoyable. What’s fun for you? This doesn’t need to be a long vacation (although it could be!) Most people find their energy shifts by doing simple things; reading a good book, doing something creative, listening to music, going to a fair, sitting by the beach, planning a get together with friends, taking a class or meeting new people. Begin now to plan something fun on a more regular basis.




Ask for a Dream

The answer to “what’s next?” may need to come from a deeper, more intuitive, side of your mind. If that feels right to you, then grab a notebook and pen. Before going to sleep, write down a few paragraphs about your current situation. When you’ve completed that, think of a question or statement you’d like to be resolved in your dream. You could phrase it in several different ways. “Ask God, What’s my right next step?” Or “God, What do I need to know about (my relationship, job, health)?” Or simply, “I would like more information about _____.” Before coming fully awake check in by asking, “What did my dreams indicate?” Jot down any answers, dream fragments or emotions that come to you. Dreams don’t always communicate in obvious ways. They relay information through powerful symbolic imagery. If the answer doesn’t present itself right away, you may need to do this exercise over a period of a few nights. Continue asking and listening. You’ll receive the answer.



Ask Your Future Self

This technique also requires a dip into your intuitive mind and imagination. Take a few minutes when you’ll be undisturbed. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and focus on slowly breathing in an out. When you feel calm and centered, imagine that you have a wise older self. He or she is the future you –ten, fifteen or twenty years from now. You might feel, hear, sense or see them. It may seem a bit like daydreaming, but however you experience it is fine. Tell them a little about your situation and ask for their advice. What should you do? What lesson are you learning through this current life circumstance? What’s the best course of action? What do they wish you had done? Most people report a very compassionate, gentle and wise future self who has sage counsel. The experience and information may open up some possibilities and ideas you may not have previously thought about. It sounds weird, but try it anyway. What have you got to lose?



What are You Yearning For?

When you’re feeling stuck you may also be unclear about your future goals. It feels a lot easier to take actionable next steps when your intention is well-defined. What if it’s not? How do you move forward? Here’s a clue — what are you yearning for? Close your eyes. Put your hand over your heart. Take a deep breath and ask yourself that question. The answer may surprise you and provide some helpful next steps. People often report emotion-based words such as “freedom,” “flexibility,” “adventure,” or “fun.” What words (or images) come to you? Once you have that information, open your eyes. What action steps could you take based on your answers? This is your intuition giving you a homework assignment. It may not be the ultimate guide to getting you unstuck but it’s the beginning of a roadmap. It’s the clues leading you out of where you are to where you want to be.


Pray and Ask God to Help you with your stuck place 

God already knows how you feel, He already knows why you are where you are and He also knows the best use of your time while you are where you are. So instead of giving in to the strong hold of depression, discouragement, and despondency about feeling stuck, why not pray more intensely to God and ask Him to help you develop strategies that will work to slowly but surely put your life back on track again according to His plans and purposes for your life.  If it is God’s plan and His will for you to be stuck right now, no matter what you do, no amount of money, plans, or dreaming is going to change it.  If it is God’s plan and His will for you to begin to move forward and onward from your unstuck place (s), praying intensely for God to help you develop strategies that will work to put your life back on track according to His plans and purposes for your life will begin to work wonders for you!

Want to to say a prayer to God to help you in your stuck place (s)
Say; Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this article that is giving me fresh ideas on what I can do to help me escape the clutches of my stuck place (s). Please bless me with your help father, and Please bless WIN International Ministries and help WIN International Ministries for making this article available to assist in helping me, Father, I am miserable, tired and unhappy being stuck in less that what I feel is your very best for me right now, I invite you to swoop into my circumstances and help me Father. Please help me because you are a Good and Kind Father who loves and delights in me, my ways, and even my low desolate places that are often sin stained. Father, the Bible says that your ways are not my ways and your ways are higher than my ways, Be pleased to turn the tables on my lack, my insufficient supply, and my low and barren places, that are desolate and beginning to bore me to tears and make me want to yank out my tonsils because I am so tired of being stuck. Help me Dear God, I ask and pray. Give me Wisdom and Strategies that will work according to your plans and purposes for my life, in Jesus name I ask and pray! Amen!