Don’t let Your Problems make you lose your Faith!

1 Timothy at the end says “Guard what has been entrusted in your care.” (v20). Consider his choice of words. You only “guard” something that is valuable but can easily be taken. If you have something that someone might want to steal, you take extra special care with it, and it is exactly this way with faith. We sometimes talk about “losing our faith” the way we might lose an item around the house, but faith is not lost it is stolen.

The devil is a prowling lion and awaits his opportunity. If you are in the middle of a jungle and you put the fire out before you fall asleep, the lion has his chance. Or years ago when our ancestors had to guard their forts, the enemy would camp within sight of the city walls and wait for an opportunity: a guard asleep, or a moment of negligence. It is the same with faith. When you have faith it is a gift from God that you cherish, and it is a gift that the devil would very much like to take away from you.

Satan’s opportunity comes when you let your guard down. This can happen during “godless chatter” as Timothy puts it, or some other act of unrighteousness. God has forgiven your actions through the sacrifice of His son, but he cannot keep your faith for you, you must do that yourself. And the only way to ensure that your faith remains intact is to avoid sin at all costs, avoid anger at problems at all cost, and avoid anger at God at all costs. However, none of us are perfect, and occasionally we fall. These are the moments when evil pounces and tries to make you lose your faith.

The way the devil works is by filling your head with lies. If you have done something you wish you hadn’t, then you may find yourself tormented by guilt. Guilt is a weapon of Satan. Why should we feel guilty about something that was done in our past? If you asked God to forgive you, then you are Forgiven, if He forgave you, then you should be able to forgive yourself and move on. If you trust in God, He will help you move on, strong as ever in your faith. So when you move on strong in your faith be determined not to make the same mistakes again. The devil cannot get a grip on you if you have this strong frame of mind.

Another devilish tactic is to make bad things happen to you. God, if he is impressed by your loyalty, may give Satan free reign in your life to “do his worst”, as happened with Job. Many people blame God for the bad things that happen in their life and subsequently fall out with Him. This is the opposite of the truth. By falling out with God you allow the devil even greater access into your affairs. When something awful happens to you, turn towards God not away from him, and watch as He helps you to fight back.

Live graciously and with humility, and God will keep you strong so that you never let your guard slip. Your faith is more valuable than all the crown jewels in the world. Keep it safe.

M. Johanides

Mark 11:22` And Jesus answering saith to them, `Have faith in God-  Hebrews 11:1 states Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen…

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