Want Results? Back Up Faith With Goal Setting And Action!

Many people who preach the faith is the gateway to wealth and happiness might be going about it the wrong way. I think people who do this are insensitive to the needs of others. Without truly knowing the personal struggles someone else is going through it’s hard to tell someone to just have faith. I think people who preach either religion or the gospel need to be more realistic and not pass off faith as some magic pill. I believe by doing this they are making faith lose its meaning. Sure I think it’s fine to pray and to have hope, but I think the real solution is to be honest with yourself and identify what your problems are and what you can do to deal with them. If you are handicapped for example you have to be realistic and realize that it may never go away and faith can be a negative emotion wasting your time and resources on something you probably will never be able to do anything about.

I personally believe in action not faith. Instead of having faith I’d concentrate your time and energy on improving yourself with the deck of cards that life has given you. We are all dealt different decks, but we have to work with the deck we are dealt with. When I got out of the marines at 22 I had it going on until I injured by back at 21. I was still able to push through until I got 2 years of college out of the way in spite of serious back pain. Eventually the pain was too intense and I was forced to quit school. 9 years later my back started feeling a lot better, then it seemed like everything in my life changed. I started a very successful internet business so I gaffed off school until 40. Finally I’m finishing up school with a Psych Degree but I had to do this on my own.

There was no one to pay for it and I had to work around my internet business which is going okay now but no where close to where it was before. If someone is terminally ill with cancer I think praying is the right thing to do. But the reality is they might not make it and their time might be better spent with family and after life preparations as morbid as this may sound. I think praying and faith has their roles and I also believe in Jesus and God, but I think they have their own agendas and I believe in the end things will work out the way they want it and we’re all just small pawns in a very big game. There are over 6 billion people in the world and over 3 billion live on less than $ 2.00 per day, so praying to God that your $ 50,000 in stocks might crash may or may not help, only God himself knows that.

I believe that goal setting is important for everyone and that God helps those who help themselves. Yes you’ve probably heard this rubric before but it’s true. I think faith is created by action, and taking serious steps to improve your life. Breaking out of your comfort zone is never easy, but being stagnant and not taking action to improve your life will almost guarantee yourself a life time of misery, and will keep you at the same place you are now year after year. You need to do whatever it takes to go out in the world, keep busy and make a difference in peoples lives somehow. You might need formal school training to do this, most of us do. If you want to help people get a psychology degree and get paid for it. If you wanna fight for this country great, go in the military but get a college education first and be an office. You are the master of your own destiny. Faith has its place but in order for faith to work, you must back it up with action and try not to let too many dark thoughts seep in.

Let Brian Garvin & Jeff West