Is God Pushing You Towards Something Better?

“I don’t know why work isn’t going the way it used to,” says my friend “Rosalita.”

I think I know why.

“God is trying to tell you that you deserve something better,” I say.

You can work just as hard for someone who values you and pays you what you deserve.

“Rosalita” needs to hear these words. She is a giver. A hard worker. She does not need to beat herself up because suddenly things aren’t working out for her the way they used to. “Rosalita” needs to realize she will thrive again when she is once again in a position where people don’t ask her for reduced rates or discounts, but rather value her for the work she provides. What about you, are you suddenly finding that things are not working for you the way you would like for them to? Are you being pushed from one circumstance to another? Is what you used to do of no interest to you anymore? Is what you used to do not working for you anymore? Are you tired of where you are or tired of how things are? Could it be that like “Rosalita” God is could be trying to push you towards something better?

It’s easy to see the value in others. It’s easy to see the value in our friends. I have “Rosalie’s” back. I can’t help, but think that I need to have my own.

You can still work just as hard for a marriage with someone who values you then one that doesn’t.

Sometimes what is happening in our lives is not the devil, it’s not folks, and it’s not any one’s fault, it’s God trying to push us towards something better. If God is trying to push you towards something better, make it easy on yourself and on God, simply pray and ask God, “What are you trying to push me towards that is better”? Please kindly reveal it to me in such a way that I will know that it is what you are trying to push me to, in Jesus name I ask and pray, “Amen”!