Can God lead you on a Faith Journey?

There are times when we feel that our lives are so off track, even though we are still walking with the Lord. We have the faith to believe that Jesus Christ came down from Heaven, was born of a virgin, and walked among men. We believe that he bared our sins on the cross as he died. We also believe that our God and Father, resurrected Jesus with all power and that he sits at the right hand of his God interceding on our behalf to God. We believe that he is the redeemer of our souls, and yet we cannot believe Him for the simple day-to-day miracles.

We as Christians long deeply for a greater trust in God. We desire to grow in the Lord but our faith is weak, unsure, and unstable at times even though we want to believe. However, we do not have to long always; we can grow our faith in God. The word says, “Without faith it is impossible to please the Lord” Hebrews 11:39 (KJV). We must have faith to please the Lord, and like anything else we have to grow in our faith and most often it is a process. Learning the process is simply following what works for you in your life. Here are some basic steps for growing your faith in God, and learning how to trust the Lord at the same time.

Step One: Create a Faith Journal

Writing is a powerful way to build faith. Creating a faith journal is simple. Find a book with bound blank sheets of paper and begin to journal your weaknesses. Each time you write, be sure to include the date. Journal entries should include the areas where you are struggling to trust God. Write as often as you have doubts and include your prayers asking God to help you believe. Over time, when you return to read your entries, you will find that God has resolved many of the problems in your journal.

You will find that God answered your prayers which will offer concrete proof what God has done and that he will do greater things in your life. When you begin to search for faith to trust God on greater levels, you can read how God has worked on your behalf in the past.

Step two: Devotional time

Devotional time is a very much needed in our lives to build our faith in God. Yes, many of us are busy and our spare time is limited in each day. Nevertheless, we must take time to spend with the Lord on a daily basis. Participating in daily devotion unto the Lord will keep your heart focused on God and the power in God. Start a daily devotion with a quiet or guided meditation, read scriptures on faith, and remember to attend your devotional services and Bible study at a church. When you feel doubtful or hopeless, grab hold of faith through your devotional time.

Step Three: Obey God

Another necessary step to grow in faith is listening to what God has to say. When you are in line with what the Lord expects of you, then you can expect his promises to be fulfilled. There are many promises from the Lord in the Bible. However, each promise rests upon our actions and level of belief. When you are aligned with what God commands of us as his children, you can confidently rest in expectation that God will fulfill his promises. One promise from the Bible states, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7 (KJV)

Step four: Filter Your life

Let’s be honest, sometimes we need to filter a lot of junk out of our life that drains our faith. When we live a Godly life, and walk with God, our faith will start to grow. When you walk with your entire mind focused on God and with a pure heart, you are bound to grow in faith. Our faith increase over time, and with time, it will start to spring up. However, that only comes when you have purified your heart. If you do not filter out the impurities in your life, like fear, doubt, negativity, and unbelief, it is hard to have faith in God. Instead of trusting God, we start to look at our circumstances. Just as we filter our water that it will be fresh to drink it, we need to filter a lot of the things we watch, and listen to that contaminate our spirit.

As we know, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrew 11:1).We might not see faith, but have to know that faith is there. The scripture says we not going to see it, we just have to believe it. God sees our shortcoming, and he knows our weaknesses. He knows that our faith will grow as we mature in Him. At times God will even test our faith. The Bible says, (1 Peter 4:12): “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you”. We are going to be tested, and we need faith to carry us through it. That is why we have to grow in faith by devoting our time, obeying God, and filtering out our lives. Start your faith journey, write down some of your biggest hopes and dream, ask God to give you the faith to believe and watch, wait, and follow God as He leads you on a wonderfully surprising faith journey!


Want to start a faith journey with God? Visit the link below and start now, while you’re still thinking about it!