Never give up! God will help You Go On!

The worst thing that can happen is not that you fail, it is that you think of yourself as a failure and give up. That is by far the worst thing that can happen and the good news is that you are in control of trying again because there are always new opportunities to try for if you look for them.

It has often been said that many people quit right when they are closest to their God Given Breakthrough. It is very understandable why Totallystressedoutquitting become so attractive when constant failure, defeat, lack and oppression seems to keep one in what can be thought of as a closed and dark cave that is locked with no way out. If this sounds like you in any way, you are at a crossroads. When you stand at the crossroads of failure, apathy and defeat, you’re not alone. God is right there with you. Not only is He right there with you, He nudges you inwardly to go on. He whispers to you through, signs, wonders, and circumstances to keep going on. He offers you reassurance, promises, and different types of success, to confirm His willingness to defeat the circumstances that have created or caused your dark cave experiences. If you give up and quit, you’ll never see the hand of God alter circumstances and experiences to bring you out of what has caused your distress.

childrenplayingMichael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team and he went on to become the greatest basketball player of all time. Steven Spielberg was placed in a learning disabled class when he was in school and he grew up to become THE most respected film director alive today. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscript was rejected by twelve publishing houses before eventually being accepted by a publishing house. Her books eventually set records as the fastest selling books in history! Everyone who has ever achieved something great, has had to persevere through rejections, failure, disappointments, lack and disgust. Most of the people who we think of as having an almost infinite amount of success, fame and fortune have been able to achieve their goals by persevering more than the average person has.

Whether we like it or not, setbacks are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. In order to achieve your goals, you must embrace moments of failure along the way. You must keep following God, trusting God and spending time with God even when it seems like everything is either not working or against you. These setbacks happen to everyone and its very important for you to see them as necessary stops on the way to success. If you are one of the many people who assume that successful people don’t experience failure, read over the second paragraph above a few more times.

Everybody has moments of failure, (especially the people like Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, and JK Rowling) who everyone thinks of as being super successful in their lines of work. The difference between people who succeed at a goal and people who fail at a goal is that the successful people are willing to pick themselves up and try again and go on with God. Victories come from perseverance and God is always willing to give you the chance to try again. Sometimes the best way to become victorious is to take another look at the prize you are going for. Perhaps you can look for an opportunity which is slightly different from your original goal. You may want to ask God what would He have you do and what is His plan for your life to ensure that when you are ready to try again, that your plan for your life, matches God plans for your life. It is in this way, you will avoid being thrown back into a dark cave with what appears to be no way out, looking for the escape latch so you can get out. You may even then find a whole new opportunity exists that is even better than the original one and you can put your efforts into achieving that new goal.

So, what are you waiting for, choose to go on with God. He will, if you will!

By Tracey Steinberg & “The WIN International Ministries Team”

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