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There Is Grace For YOU If YOU have had Sorrow upon Sorrow!

Are you facing sorrow upon sorrow? There is grace upon grace for you today, truth that trumps the wretched facts that flood your life. If you are experiencing multiple challenges, if your fiery trials are intensifying, these words of encouragement

Some Of God’s Angelic Assistance is Human, Others are Divine!

No matter if you have a religious affiliation, Angels transcend those structures. Many people that work with Angels and angelic energy do not have a specific religious practice. For me, the bottom line is that if Angels speak (and sometimes

MayBe You Need A Set of Blinders!

Blinders are leather or plastic cups that are placed on either side of a racing horse’s eyes. They prevent him from seeing what is behind him, and sometimes from seeing what is on either side of him. They allow the

Not Successful? Maybe it’s Not God’s Plan!

It’s no secret that the American dream is rooted and established on the idea of personal success. Our whole culture is centered upon personal achievement, and it’s become an obsession. We hear endless chatter of success in all different forms--

Have you ever Prayed for 1 thing but got another?

A father and son were walking along the throngs of people on a busy road, the father told him to hold his hands so he wouldn't get lost in the midst of the crowd. The child instead replied, "No dad,

Facing closed doors?Appeal them with YOUR praise!

…Heart-Submit To God And Be Exalted (James 4:10). 11) Ask The Holy Spirit To Change Your Carnal (Earthly) Person Into A Person Who Trust God (Proverbs

Are you facing impossible situations?

…experiencing problems that are dragging on, problems that are terrible and problems that seem like they still have no Earthly solutions, we want to

Are you waiting on God to answer your prayer?

…some reasons God delays. 1.At times the Lord sees that our attention is misdirected. Our relationship with Him should have priority over any Earthly