MayBe You Need A Set of Blinders!

Blinders are leather or plastic cups that are placed on either side of a racing horse’s eyes. They prevent him from seeing what is behind him, and sometimes from seeing what is on either side of him. They allow the horse to stay focused and not be distracted by either the crowd or the other horses.

I love how blinders work. They allow the horse to stay focused on his race. When we have hopes and dreams that we want to achieve, we likewise need to put on our own blinders. We need to focus straight ahead on our goals without distraction.

A photo illustration depicting a distracted driver. (Pioneer Press photo illustration: Ben Garvin)

Distractions come in many forms. We may be distracted by our past failures. Or perhaps we are distracted by those who don’t support what we are trying to achieve. Distractions may be friends or family members who create havoc in our lives whenever they get a chance (We all have some of those!). It is hard to completely eliminate the distractions from your life. The key is to put your blinders on and ignore them.

Not only do we need our blinders, but in life we also need to have great jockeys. Our jockeys are those people who truly want us to succeed. Unfortunately, very few people will want you to achieve your dreams. In fact, if you try to do anything that is beyond average, you will face opposition (or at the very least, apathy).

Only the most secure people encourage others, and sadly few have that level of confidence. In fact, most people live with a great deal of insecurity. Paying a compliment or saying an encouraging word nearly breaks them. Instead they insult others and mask their comments as humor. Or they dole out “reality checks” and say things like, “Well, that’s very hard to do in today’s economic climate.” They live in a world of mediocrity and want you to pitch your tent with them. Don’t. Put your blinders on and keep going.


And find your jockeys. My former boss is my number one jockey. He reads my writing, sends me interesting comments about what I have written, and generally makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile. Our jockeys are our blessing. It is important not only to have one, but to be one for someone else.

However, know this: It is OK if you don’t have any earthly jockeys. That doesn’t mean that your goals aren’t worthy of your time. It doesn’t mean that what you hope for won’t come to pass. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t achieve your dreams. Know that we all have the best jockey of all – God. He is The Great Encourager. If God has planted a dream in your heart, He is cheering you on. He put you on this earth for a very special purpose that only you can fulfill. He wants you to succeed. And when you are frustrated, He wants you to come to Him so He can help you.

Today, be like a race horse and put on your blinders. Focus on being a person of excellence in all that you do. Keep pursuing your dreams. Continue to believe that God will bless your life. And ignore those who would have you be less than God has created you to be.

posted by M Dey