Have you ever Prayed for 1 thing but got another?

A father and son were walking along the throngs of people on a busy road, the father told him to hold his hands so he wouldn’t get lost in the midst of the crowd. The child instead replied, “No dad, you hold my hand instead. The father looked at his son in disbelief because of what his son said. He could not believe that his child actually expected to be able to tell him what to do.   When you think about it, we are all sometimes like that child, we expect our parents to do what we want them to do instead of  us doing what they want us to do. Us wanting our parents to do what we want them to do is like praying to God and wanting Him to do what we want Him to do instead of us doing what He wants and asks us to do. We all like it when God answers our prayers the way we want Him to but what about when He answers them in ways that we don’t like and don’t want? Did you know that the way you receive and gracefully accept the circumstances God allows shapes your life and the lives of those around you?  Have you ever prayed for 1 thing but God gave something else or answered another way? If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. Other people have prayed for 1 thing but they got something else. But what do other people usually pray you might be wondering that oftentimes meet with different answers? Some examples of what is prayed and the different answers they often receive from God is shown below;

Results of other people’s prayer requests

We  ask for a good paying job but instead we received overdue bills and buy-back notices of our mortgage house. How can we ever pay these debts if we don’t have salary to expect every month? We ask for a loan from our friends and family. The pride of not asking anything from anyone is felt and the loan is not granted but  eventually we gracefully received the gift of better job from someone who knew of our difficulty because they knew we asked for credit.


We pray for good health but our family is inflicted with pain from sickness or disease. Instead of mulling over the circumstance, we are given the chance to show our love and care for the family member. We wouldn’t have an opportunity to take care of the family member if it’s an instant death. Emotional need is more important to a person who experiences pain. And oftentimes that’s the only thing we could offer.


We plead for a successful career but are given a low position in a company. Do you know that successful people came from poor circumstance? It is the difficulties from a low position that hones our talent and capabilities. Success usually does not come instantly. It’s the grace of acceptance and striving for the best that eventually allows  success to enter.


We pray for a meaning in our lives. We are rich but we are not happy. Human as we are we thought that earthly possessions would answer to the happiness we long for. We forgot that these things are the instrument only. In asking for a meaning in our life, sometimes meaning is given through the difficulties. Are you ready to endure difficulties? Are you ready to give up everything for someone? If yes, then you have found the answer to your prayers and that is finding the love of your life.


Oftentimes prayers are more focused on earthly possession. We sometimes forgot that we ask for these things because the eventuality is to have happiness in our lives. It’s okay to ask and keep on asking. Sometimes it’s the only way that our faith would be answered. It is always wise to keep on praying no matter what, but keep in mind, God chooses how He will answer. Oftentimes His answers are wiser than our prayer requests!



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