God Wants You to Win! Spend 9 Minutes Or More with Him!Become A Winner!

You have probably already figured out that if you live life long enough, suffering is inevitable and you are going to experience different ups and downs. There are many harsh times and numerous hardships that often occur because of living life.. But God never promised us a life free of problems, sufferings or hardships, He promised that He would be with us in and through it all if we believe in, accept and trust in Him. Because of some of the “Tough challenges” that we face, daily we are all forced to make a choice, either learn how to fight and stand up to whatever life hands us or give up and quit. There is an old saying” Winners never quit and quitters never win”  no matter what. Have you ever thought about which one you are? Has the “Tough challenges” of life made you a winner or a quitter?

Winners are determined to make it and find a way with God’s help. Quitters often moan, groan and complain and play the “Blame game” and have very low fighting power and will often let life just run all over them and accept the changes  that “rough times” force upon them with no plan to rise up, conquer and defeat the adversity. I believe you are a winner. I believe that God wants you to be a Winner too, He doesn’t want you to be a loser. There is so much more for you in life when you invite God in your life and you have Him walking alongside you helping you every step of the way. If you haven’t invited Him in your life, simply do so now by saying, “Please God come in my life and help me,guide me and lead me”. If life has made you a loser, here is your opportunity to change that now. If you don’t have the fight, the might, the will, or the strength to go on, simply pray and ask God for it by saying “Dear God, forgive me and help me come in my life and help me rise up from the pits of my despair. Work with me dear God to make me a winner,I ask and pray….. God will work if you will.