Some Of God’s Angelic Assistance is Human, Others are Divine!

No matter if you have a religious affiliation, Angels transcend those structures. Many people that work with Angels and angelic energy do not have a specific religious practice. For me, the bottom line is that if Angels speak (and sometimes they literally do!) to your heart, then I encourage you to explore, study and most importantly trust yourself to open up to their existence and ASSISTANCE on your spiritual path.

The Angelic realm is one of the highest vibrations that we as humans can connect with, and every so often there is a communication between the earthly and Angelic realms. The communication may be spontaneous or it may be deliberate. Either way it is a path to peace and divine guidance.

If you resonate with angelic images, feelings or traditions and want to connect with the Angelic realms or specific Angels, it is actually quite simple.

Image result for AngelsThe first thing you have to do is to completely relax, and I mean completely relax without falling asleep. Then in that relaxed state let go of your ego, give it love and let your ego go. Then from that place, ask for the angels to come and guide you and allow any messages or feelings to come.The angle’s messages may be as clear as either a vision, an auditory experience, a strong feeling or as it is with me, a combination of a physical and emotional sensation that is clear and deliberate.

Be very patient with yourself and stay open to any thought, feeling or impression that you may receive. If you know more about specific Angels and Archangels, you can do this same process and call the name of that Angel in order to have their particular energies come to you.

And always remember when you are working (or playing!) with Angels, it is all an experience and meant to expand and deepen your Spiritual connection. There is no right or wrong. It is a highly personal experience and only for you, so don’t judge. Open up more and more and then Angelic energies will have more ways to communicate with you. Who knows maybe one day you will “see” the Angel that’s on your shoulder!

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-Max Ryan