Have You Sought God and Need To confirm His Guidance?

How about if you prayed and prayed for something and, finally, the answer came. How do you know it is True Guidance? Here are some ways that you can tell if it’s really God guiding you . Ask yourself these questions:

Does it have a mature tone and content, does it have an immature tone and make suggestions?
Does it say the same thing repeatedly, or does it switch topics impulsively?
Does it talk about your life’s purpose or mission, or about how to compete with others?
Does it want you to be joyful right now, or does it want to delay your happiness for the future?
Is it strong, powerful, difficult to ignore, or insidious and sneaky?


Does it have a ring of familiarity to it, or does it seem out of sync with your interests and lifestyle?
If you are receiving True Guidance, it will say “you,” not “I” constantly.
Does it have a loving and energizing feel to it, or does it drain your enthusiasm and energy?
Does it surround you with warm, loving energy, or does it make you feel cold, prickly, alone, or afraid?
Does it sound supportive and motivational, or does it sound abusive and critical?
Does it assure you that you can do it, or does it tear down your confidence?


Does it empower you, or weaken you?
Is it direct and to the point, or wordy and full of rationalizations?
Does it say you are equal and one with others, or does it say that you are better or worse than others?

If it’s mature, consistent, helps others, and doesn’t procrastinate, it is probably True Guidance.

If it’s strong and powerful, if it sounds familiar, and if it’s spoken in second person, meaning it’s saying, “You,” not “I,” then it is probably True Guidance.

If it feels like a warm hug, is supportive, and gets to the point, then it’s probably True Guidance.

Remember, these are only guidelines, but the most important guideline is to trust in God, keep praying to Him and keep seeking Him, ask you to show you the right answers, also ask Him to keep you on track.


Want to ask God to confirm His answers as a result of your prayers, Say this quick prayer, Dear God, I have been seeking you for 5 days or more, and I want to be sure that it is really you leading me and speaking to me about my life and the ways that I should go, please guide me and confirm your answers and your choices for my life so that I can be sure that it is really you leading me. Please save me from making the same mistakes of going in wrong directions. When I go in wrong directions I realize that it causes my life to be stuck, causes me to be barren, causes me to be frustrated, tired, anxious, angry and so fed up and that I think that life is being choked out of me. Dear Lord, I do not want to make your work in my life hard or impossible, help me to work with you and stay on the paths that you place me on,  in Jesus’s name I ask and pray – Amen!

-Jan Tincher

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