Do you have gifts for God this Christmas?

It has been amazing to watch God at work in and through the lives of many around the world and in and through the lives of those we reach and touch for God. It is incredibly fascinating to see God working to rebuild lives that have been broken and disassembled because of the fallen world that we live in. So much happens because someone did something wrong. So much happens because of negligence. So much happens because of lack of knowledge and so much happen because of the clever wiles of the devil that are at work in the lives of many. But no matter what happens that is not right, God is willing and able to work in and through the worst of circumstances to restore harmony and balance to unhealthy and unproductive circumstances.

Has God ever worked in your life to make things better for you? If He has, do you remember? You may be able to remember the many times that God worked in your life to bring you out of bad circumstances. You may remember the many times when He showed up just in the nick of time and either saved you or gave you just what you needed for where you were right then. It may even be possible right now for you to be stuck in a rut and using travailing prayers seeking God for a way out of whatever circumstances that life has deal you but in all of your seeking and all of your receiving from God, have you taken some time this year to think about what gift you will give God this Christmas? As you’ve made your Christmas list and checked it twice, what’s on your list for God? What gift will you give Him? What gift will you bring into His presence and present to Him to show Him your appreciation and all that He has given you and all that He has done for you? What gift will you give God this year child of God?

Each year everyone in our ministry sets aside special times and we all ponder on what gift we will give God for Christmas. As you may have read on one of our recent blog posts, this year, one of the gifts that we are giving God is the gift of Jesus to everyone we meet using various methods. By giving the gift of introducing everyone that we know to Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son, we feel that we are being like God in that we are giving one of the very best gifts that we could possibly give and that is the gift of God’s one and only son. Giving the gift of Jesus Christ to someone is the gift that keeps on giving and it leads to eternal life and a personal relationship with God and with Jesus Christ.

If you have never thought of giving God a gift or don’t know what gift to give God, we want to invite you to carefully consider all that God has done for you. We want you to carefully consider all of the ways that God has made for you. We want you to carefully consider all that God does for you on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to keep you alive, meet your needs, care for you and provide for you. After you have taken the time to carefully consider all that God has done for you, we want you to carefully choose what gift you will give God this Christmas and then present it to Him. We are certain that He will really appreciate it and receive it with gladness because you cared enough to give Him your very best for where you are right now!

If you need ideas on what gifts to give God this Christmas, join us in this simple prayer;

Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving us the gift of your 1 and only Son, Jesus Christ. You gave me your very best gift when you gave me access to be able to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior simply by inviting Him into my life and accepting Him. So now, I want to do something for you, I want to give you gifts. Father, what gifts can I give you to show you my love, appreciation and adoration of who you are and what you mean to me in my life? Father I invite you to give me ideas, suggestions and nudges to inspire me as to what gifts to give you this Christmas Holiday season, in Jesus name I ask and pray – Amen

Need to remember to get God gifts this year for Christmas?Use the free resource below to make your list!