Are Problems Making you doubt God?

The sea of doubt, is a dangerous place in which to sail especially when your problems are making you doubt God.  The waves of unbelief, will crash against you if you doubt God. The waves of unbelief will be like a mist  that draws you into a deep dark pit which will make  you feel like your problems are impossible and doubt will shatter your dreams. A cloud of negativity will suspend over you  filling your soul with anxiety and unrest if you doubt that God can or will help you with your problems.

Doubt will make You feel lost and confused like you are paddling through the rivers of dread and the gulf of apprehension. The storm of depression, will then arise to overtake you. Worry and fear will become constant companions as you glimpse visions of what could have been. If you are feeling that way, now is the time to change directions, charter a different course, and lose the negative mindset. If you are feeling that way, now is the time to seek God more and ask Him to fill you with faith so that your faith will defeat your doubts.



Life, will never be trouble free, but you can free your mind of troubles. You choose what you think and what you believe. A vast ocean of hope surrounds the island of joyous possibility.

Peaceful tranquility  eventually, nourishes our  mind and heart when we choose to meditate on the positive. A mind engulfed in strife, turmoil and negativity, will spew forth deadly venom, poisoning the hearer. The opposite holds true when we choose to feed our mind on those things that lift us up and soothe our souls. If you meditate on God’s goodness, and ask God to build your faith in Him, your doubts will begin to disappear. You can also build your faith by remembering all of the times God helped you, came through for you or made a way for you when you thought all hope was lost!


One of the greatest powers we hold as people is the ability to choose what we think upon and what we believe. If you want to be free from negative thoughts, then you have to start thinking differently, and before you know it, you will be different. If you want to be free from doubting God, you have to choose faith in God instead of doubting. You can unleash your inner champion and become who God you created you to be, so instead of  doubting God, start believing God. Choose to believe that God has much more in store for you than you could ever ask or think. Dare to claim blessings that God holds for you when your faith matches what you are believing God for. Let God choose how, when and in what way He wants to work in and through your situations to bring about solutions or change in your life. Don’t do yourself a disservice and doubt Him just because it may seem like it is taking Him a long time to work, answer or bring solutions to your problems. All good things from God take time, be willing to wait on Him and for Him. God is good to those who will wait on Him and wait for Him.   Forget yesterday; refuse to worry about tomorrow, and live wholeheartedly in the moment known as today. Exchange your doubt in God for faith in God, and watch the miracles begin in your life!

We must be dutiful to challenge the flow of information that flows through the currents of our mind. If a thought or series of ideas, form that will hinder the progression of who we want to become and what we want to do we must banish such thoughts and refuse to reflect upon them. The thought life that we cultivate and grow will produce ultimate success or continual failure. Meditate on those things that will help you to achieve your goals. Your perspective matters. Your faith in God matters. Your faith in God influences your future!


Want to renew your faith in God? If so, Join us in this simple prayer;

Dear God, Thank you for the opportunity to renew my faith and my hope in you. Help me banish my doubts about you and my doubts in you. Forgive me for mumbling and complaining and questioning what is going on in my life. I once again place all of my problems in your hands and ask you to exchange my doubt about your desire to help me with my problems to faith in You and your ability to help me with my problems. I surrender the control of my own life understanding that you are the “Potter” and “I” am the clay and because You are God, you know best how to work out my problems, issues and concerns for my good and for your Glory! Forgive me for doubting dear God, I ask and pray, and fill me with the faith to believe again, in Jesus name I ask and pray – Amen!

T .M. Allen & “The WIN International Ministries Team”