Work With No Sweat!

man sweating

“It’s no sweat!” we say when something is easy for us. What if we lived life without sweating? Without straining, hurrying, or worrying?

That’s how Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden—till they separated themselves from God. Ever since people have been working by the sweat of their brow. But we misunderstand this and think that work is the curse. No! We were created by God to rule and reign with him (Genesis 1:28). Work is not the curse—sweat work is the curse.

How do you do your Work?

I talk with a lot of pastors and many other kinds of ministry leaders from presidents to parents and so many of them tend to live by the sweat of their brow. They’re straining to serve God, help people, and accomplish their work for God. Often they’re rushing from thing to thing, running late.

I understand. Most of my life that’s how I lived—till I discovered Jesus’ way.

How about you? Are “sweating it out” as you do your work and face the challenges of your life? Are are you willing to try Jesus “No Sweat Way”? If you are willing to try Jesus “No Sweat Way” read on below……

Jesus’ “No Sweat” Way

Jesus redeemed us form the curse, setting us free from sin and sweat too. Often sin and sweat go together. Sweat work—continually straining to do more, faster, and better—is likely to be a manifestation of our pride, relying on ourselves rather than the Spirit of Christ with us. It’s said, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Well, it’s just as likely to be true that “Busy hands are the devil’s workshop.”

The issue is how we do our work—how we serve customers, teach students, parent our kids, clean our house, run errands, and minister to the people in our church. Jesus invites us to do our work in his “easy yoke” (Matthew 11:30). He did his work with a relaxed attitude and a smile on his face—that’s Jesus’ way.

How about stepping into Jesus’ easy yoke today as you do your work this week? Remember, ”The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10).

Reprinted with permission – B. G