Clear Your Mind..Invite God to guide you for best results!

Sometimes the rocky road of life leaves us no choice but to try something new and different. If your life has been rough lately and you’ve found yourself either complaining, overly tired, stressed out, disgusted or wondering what in the world is going on, perhaps it is time for you to do something different to generate results in your life.  Clearing your mind is an awesome therapy technique that can create wonderfully positive results when you choose to use it correctly, and seek God’s help and guidance in your life! Below we will share some techniques that you can begin to use today to begin to generate results in your life!

The first step you must take in clearing your mind is forgiveness.

You must forgive yourself and you must forgive those who have hurt you. You must let go, give up the negative emotions of unpleasant memories and choose to allow God to deal with those who have hurt you, abused you or done you wrong. Because Jesus is saying to us, “When you pray, pray with a clear mind”.


Let’s Do some Mind Clearing!

Now I’m going to ask for some confessions in your own heart. We’re going to do some mind clearing here and some of you have some things that have been in your  mind and in your way.. To get all that God has for you and to go where God wants you to go, you must  clear your mind.  When you clear your mind, we believe that by faith,  some marvelous things are going to start happening to you this week.  You may have had things happen in your life that you didn’t like, but don’t choose to give those things and those people power in your life by allowing them to determine your present quality of life and how God may choose to bless you. If God allowed these things to happen to you, and you didn’t like them, don’t go dragging them through life, choose to walk away from them and go forward with God.  Vengeance is mines saith the Lord, “I will repay”.  -Romans 12:19

Leave the Past in the Past 

If it happened in 1998, leave it in 1998. Here’s how to finish weeding it out: Just take a piece of paper, write it down and write the year it happened and if it happened in ’98, say,  “All right, you happened in ’98, and I’m going to leave you in ’98.” And when you say that — you’re praying!

God doesn’t get offended by Strong Language!

Now, maybe some of you don’t pray like I do.  But I pray like that, I and God have an understanding — He doesn’t get offended by strong language. All right now, we’re going to move away from those things that happened to you in the past that you didn’t like, we’re going to move away from it once and for all, we’re going to forgive.


Give Up The Negative for the Positive

We’re going to give up the negative memory for positive thoughts.  Get ready now, I want you to use your hands, because that tells your subconscious mind to pay attention. Raise your hands in a receptive position. Now about that negative memory, repeat the following out loud — with FEELING:

“Well that happened. I didn’t like it.  But I’m not going to drag it around with me.  I’m going to leave it right where it happened.  I will not drag it one inch further. 

In the name of Jesus Christ.  I forgive myself and God forgives me.  And I go free.  Free of all the things that anybody may have done to me.” 

This prayer has power.  You’re cleaning your mind, you’re cleaning house.  You’re going to get free now! This is the way we pray here, so let’s keep going. Now say this next prayer out loud — with FEELING:

“Anything and everything … that anybody … anywhere … anytime … may have done to me, that I didn’t like … I loose myself from it.  Right now.  I unload it.  I drop it.  I will not carry it.  One minute longer. 

Thank you Father.  Thank you God-in-me.  I forgive.  And I am forgiven.”




Now repeat again three times — with feeling!  “I forgive and I am forgiven.” 

So your mind will be clear. So that nothing blocks your mind, nothing blocks your way. And keep your mind clear, stop dragging around all these mental blocks. And if, on your journey of life, you happen to run into situations that you don’t like —  get rid of them quickly.  Clear them out of your mind! Again, this is what the old Jewish Scripture means when it says, “Let not the sun go down on your wrath.”

Don’t carry anger, don’t carry resentment, don’t carry hurted nor hatred. Forgive yourself for doing all those things and carrying all those negative thoughts, moods, attitudes and ideas around… and when you do that, when you clear your mind, then you can really talk to God-in-you, you can really communicate with God-in-you …And you will start getting answers to your prayers and seeing wonderful things happen in your life.