Are you being held in God’s grip?

Believe it or not,you are exactly where God wants you to be in your life in this present season of your life,no matter how you may not like where you are and no matter how you might be wondering just why your life is the way that it is.Sometimes struggling to get out from where you are no matter how strong your faith and trust in God is just doesn’t work because it’s not time for it to work just yet. The better plan that God has for your life is not going anywhere,it will wait for you until God is ready to move you from where you are to where He wants you to be,so you can relax and enjoy the journey that God is taking you on.  Although the process and the long way that God may be taking you on may seem to be dragging on with no resolution in sight,

God does have a better plan for your life in store for you! It is normal to wonder if time is just passing you by. It is also normal to get very tired as you wait on God and to get frustrated with how long it is taking things to change. It’s also normal to wonder if you’re ever going to make it and to wonder if God really does have a better plan for your life. We are sure you’ve realized so far that things do not always work out the way that you planned for them to work out or even the way you want them to work out, but they do eventually work out.

This is because the supernatural hand of God on your life turns and twists events according to His better plans for your life. God wants to ensure that you stay on course to get to your better place, so some things happen to ensure this. The best thing you can do where you are right now is to, stop fearing what the future will be like and what hasn’t gone right in your life or what isn’t working right now in your life because God’s plan for you is a good one,and He will unfold His better plan in your life in His timing.  God told Israel in Jeremiah 29 and verse 11 “For I know the plans that I have towards you,plans of peace and not of evil,to give you a future and a hope”.

He is saying that same thing to you right now,”For I know the plans that I have for you,it is a better plan, a plan of peace and not of evil, I will give you a future and a hope”. God is saying to you today,Simply Have faith in me dear 1,for I do have better plans for your life!