Have you been gifted by God yet you still struggle?

As a child of God,you have been given certain skills,talents and abilities that no one else like you has in the world,in other words you have been gifted by God.Because you have been gifted by God it may seem like things should be a lot easier for you and a lot better for you,but sometimes that’s true but usually it’s not true. You may be truly gifted of God but your lights in your house could be off, your bank account could be empty, your body could be racked with pain, and everybody around you could be getting on your last nerve. Constantly having to struggle is often a sign that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Have you ever noticed that less talented and less gifted people than you often flourish, have more money and get more perks than you? This is usually because they are in the right place for them at the right time.

Jesus knew that even if you are gifted of God geography matters. Where you are matters to God, because it controls what you see, what you do, where you go and who you ultimately become with your gift. Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you are around certain people? Certain people make you feel good, alive and motivated! Some people inspire you to be great and encourage you to become all God created you to be! Then there are other people who make you feel bad about yourself and are constantly complaining to you and constantly complaining about you as if you can never do anything right? Do you know what we’re talking about? God knows what He’s placed on the inside of you. It is unique and cannot be duplicated no matter how hard anyone tries. You are one of God’s precious original creations and there will never be anyone else like you on this earth. Even your fingerprints are unique and unlike anyone else’s. You are truly gifted!

So because of this, sometimes God has to change your identity, your address and your desires to get you from where you are to where He wants you to be so that the gift that He has placed on the inside of you can grow and become all that He created it to be! Ruth had to move to Bethlehem before she could meet Boaz and when she met Boaz,her life was filled with many blessings and she was able to use her gift well there. Blind Bartimaeus went to where Jesus was – and he got his miracle, the gift of his sight. Where you are matters, it controls the flow of God’s favor in your life and it controls whether or not your gift works or not. Never forget, “One day of God’s favor will do more than a thousand days of hard labor”!

If you are tired of the struggle and the hassle associated with not being able to get it to work right, let God redirect you and show you how to work with the gift that He has placed on the inside of you. Allow Him to show you where your gift will work right so that you can cease struggling! He’s ready if you are!