Tired of it all?Invite God to help make things better!

 Even when you try to have a good day sometimes, things can still be rough and tough to deal with. Be encouraged today, you don’t have to travel the road alone in life; God offers to travel it with you. If you’re worried today and you just don’t know what to do or you just can’t figure things out, Keep your eyes on God and He will guide you in the way you should go. Not only will He guide you in the way that you should go, but He will also protect and keep you. He will keep you from the hidden snares of the devil and He will show you the right pathway to take for where you are right now during this season of your life. God is an awesome refuge. He will be your pillar of strength when you’re weak, He will energize you when you’re tired and He will inspire you when you just don’t feel like going on.


Our God is an extraordinary God, no one compares to the comfort, the protection, the guidance and the help that God can give you when you trust in and follow Him!Despite what may happen each day, if you will look at each thing that happens with the right perspective, it can still be a good day when you press on and do your tasks and duties with a Spirit of Joy and thanksgiving trusting that God will guide you and help you each step of the way to make the best of whatever you find yourself having to deal with, in spite of the overwhelming obstacles that may try to come your way. God longs to have a personal relationship with you and He wants to seize this opportunity right now to invite you into a personal relationship with Him.


So if you are tired of it all, and you’ve done all that you can do, partner up with God daily and give Him a chance to do what He can do to help make things better for you. Then  watch and pay attention to how God will choose to lead you and begin to work in your life. You’ll be amazed at the precise ways that God works and how He makes all things come together for your good, and how He will make things better in your life for you! God wants to deepen and grow the relationship that you have with Him as He continues to bid you to come into His presence, so that He can prepare you for all that He has for you. If you would like to accept God’s invitation, simply become willing to accept His son Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior and you will then either begin a new relationship with God or renew your relationship with God so He can renew His workings in your life. When you say the below prayer, God will be invited into your life to travel with you on the road of life that you’re currently on to begin to help make things better for you.  In due season you will see your life become better as you follow God’s guidance!  Slowly but surely your days will start to get better and you’ll be able to anticipate each day with joy and expectation rather than dread and distaste. Become joyful and expectant as you wait to see what God will do next to make your days better!


Do you want God to help make things better in your life? If you do then, join us in this simple prayer!

Lord Jesus, I confess that I’m lost in sin and I need direction for my life. I am very tired of things the way that they are and I long to have the better life that WIN International Ministries is telling me that I can have. As I join WIN International Ministries in this simple prayer, I am praying with WIN International Ministries and for WIN International ministries as well as for myself that you will guide and keep me in all of my ways! I understand that a better life doesn’t happen overnight, but I want you to guide me towards what you know will fulfill me and make me happy long term! Jesus, I cannot save my own soul and I cannot make my own life work, so I invite you to come into my heart right now, at this precise moment, and cleanse me from all sin in your blood and take charge of my life as My Lord and Savior so that I can get on the right pathway with God and obtain a better life. I accept your invitation to become my personal Lord and Savior! – Thank you, Jesus!