God will change Your Pain..eventually!

During your times of hardship, you may often feel like whining, “Who needs this pain? I certainly don’t!” But often times this is a shortsighted reaction. You don’t need hardship just for its own sake, but God wants to change your identity and He wants to mature you, so sometimes He will allow hardships in your life and He will allow pain. In God’s hands, hardship can be an effective tool to bring about your much-needed growth, your much needed new starts and your much needed change of perspective. Isaiah 28; 23-28, the prophet’s “poetic parable, “is written to help the people of Israel understand how God works and what He intended to accomplish in their lives through tough times. A farmer is portrayed skillfully plowing the ground, planting his crops, and threshing the harvest. If the soil could talk, it might have whined, “Who needs this painful plowing? “But the pain is not pointless. Isaiah said that the farmer is taught by God to work in measured and well-timed ways, handling delicate crops with care and others more vigorously, but always with a sure harvest in view.

Your reassurance during tough times is that the farmer’s God is your God, “who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance “Isaiah 28; 29.His dealings with you through hardships are always thoughtful and purposeful, producing in you “the peaceable fruit of righteousness”-Hebrews 12:11. God has a purpose for allowing your heartaches and your pain—The Savior always knows what’s best for you; you are able to learn so many precious lessons in every sorrow, every trial, and every test.When you trust in God, pain is an opportunity for progress. Pain is one of the pathways God uses to prepare and promote you to the next level of His extra ordinary blessings for your life! Without the pain God allows in your life, you would stay stuck where you are or where you were, so God will often allow the pain to move you, redirect you and change you to the next step in your destiny. So whatever is painful to you today, could be changed tomorrow. Your pain is NOT permanent. So don’t focus on or celebrate your pain, for at the right time, God will intervene and turn whatever is or whatever was paining you around. So, will you trust God today in spite of your hardships, in spite of your pain and in spite of the suffering that you might have to entertain until God is ready to “shift “things around for you?  If you will do that child of God, you’ll never be sorry that you waited on God for He shall never disappoint those whose sincere hope and trust is in Him and He will turn your pain around for your good and His Glory. Simply wait on Him! Trust! And pray..no matter how much it may hurt right now!