Wondering about your future?

Have you ever wondered about your future?Have you pondered such life changing questions as to which direction you should take in life or what you should do with your life?Most people have asked these questions of themselves at some point and time in their lives.You may have wondered if God really does have a plan for a better life for you and if He does,you might have wondered if it’s ever going to happen?With that in mind,We have some good news for you today!God is very interested in you and your life and each and every direction that you choose to take in your life.Your growth and your future is very important to God.He does not want the wrong people messing it up.Because God is so interested in you that in order to save you from the wrong people messing up your life,He orchestrates situations to make sure that He is the “Leading character”in your life.God wants to guide you on the pathway to your better life!
Jesus called His followers friends(John 15:15).As God’s friend you already have the inside scoop in discovering God’s plan for your life.It is called the “Bible”.There you will find God’s general plans for your life(Such as putting God first in all you do and following God’s guidance).You will also find principles to follow when seeking God’s specific directions for your life.Finding God’s plan for your life is often a lifelong journey that can be filled with excitement,newness and Joy!When it’s all said and done,finding God’s plan for your life comes down to living out what you have read in the Bible,living it by faith,and trusting that God is who He says that He is and will do what He said He would do!Never be afraid to trust your unknown future with a known God!You may be wondering about your future but God holds your future in His hands.He is preparing you each and every day to walk into the better plans and purposes He’s wants for your life!So stay in faith with God where ever He has you firmly planted right now,and realize that down times don’t last always,for your very best is still yet to come!
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