Are you really tired all the time?

                  Having energy in life is about balance. It is about being clear and not being weighed down by thoughts, emotions. It is to let go of struggle and to remain present. Energy in life comes from connecting, from being present, and from being your true self. When we feel low our energy drops; when we are angry our energy plummets. When we seek comfort from within, connect to ourselves, we rise up.

God has already placed all the energy we need  inside us. It doesn’t need to come from somewhere else. It is not a by product of something you are missing; rather, it is finding yourself, your true self, that brings it out. We all have an immense amount of energy; it is simply clouded over by thoughts, emotions, and our true being not being present in our lives. It is like the heaviness we feel is all that is keeping us from being who we really are. All the thoughts that distract us, all the emotions that pull us in different directions, they are not real, they are a cage that keeps our energy from flowing. Imagine opening the cage and letting your true self out, to be present, then all of your energy would flow, would exceed what you needed.

To be tired is not always just a mental state, a feeling of emotional pressure, or a lack of sleep. If we were honest with ourselves, would we see ourselves as being tired on days when we have had enough sleep? Does the tiredness come from within? Sometimes it does. Sometimes it is you seeking a way out, to be more present in your life, to let go of the struggle, and to be free. Struggle is a state of mind, emotional blocks close us off, and how we perceive the world limits us. All of this holds our energy back. How we feel, think, see, and behave all have the capability of releasing our energy and giving ourselves the surge we need in life.

Being connected to your true self is accepting everything you need for yourself. All the energy, potential, possibilities, and everything you are meant for comes through. There is no limit. Being free of feeling tired is about opening up and freeing who you are and asking God to help you balance your energy. That’s how your energy can flow. That is truth. By being present, engaged within, learning to balance the energy that God has given us all we can learn to access all the energy we need.

A. Benedetto and Z. Young