Troubled? Give God your problems!

Are you faced with insurmountable problems that seem to be overwhelming? Have you tried almost everything that you can think of to solve your problems only to find that everything that you’ve tried or everything that others have advised you to do is either not working, not feasible or not something that you want to do?  Well today, we have a Divine suggestion for you! Give your problems to God! It doesn’t make any sense to be frustrated because of lack of success in handling long standing problems. After you’ve done all that you know to do and when your strength and patience has been worn out from being tortured and drug through the pit of hell because of overwhelming problems that have occurred as if some strange terrible dark force had been unleashed against you, you need to do something else and something different to get out from it. We suggest you give your problems to God! God is well able to handle and deal with any and all problems that you might be currently facing. He delights in handling what you can’t. He welcomes the opportunity to get the dirty stains out of your life that you have not been able to. He is looking at you today and wanting you to give Him the chance to take His best shot at handling and solving your worst problems! So what do you say?

You see God holds your entire world in His hands. As creator of the universe He not only has your best interests at heart but, thanks to His infinite wisdom, He actually knows with absolute certainty and immaculate precision what will benefit you most and how best to handle and solve your problems. There’s no guess work involved when it comes to God in handling your problems. There’s no “let’s cover our eyes and just hope this 1 works out “.  God lives outside of time. He sees beyond your every decision. When things are a hot mess, when bills are overdue, when health is declining and there seems to be no open doors for you, God knows how to solve your problems. He knows what would be best to fix your problems. He knows exactly what to do. When you mess things up, God knows how to best utilize the situation to bring about His will and purposes for your life. If you want your problems solved and you’re fed up with trying and fed up with your life not working right, God is inviting you to give Him your problems. If you want God to begin to work on your problems God requires your total surrender, not for the purpose of appeasing His ego (as some may think) but because He knows that it is what is most beneficial for you. He knows that allowing you to take control of your own life will only end in death and destruction. God alone must be your centre and your total focus. “For by Him all things were created: things in Heaven and on Earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers, or rulers or authorities; all things were created for Him (Jesus) and through Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together” Collosians 1:16-17.

If you have problems that you are worried about don’t worry, let go and let God. Just say a simple prayer and let go of the problem and let God work it out the way He feels is best for you. Then, trust, with all your heart that God will solve the problem, or bring the answer to you, or change the situation.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain, so give God your problems and let Him keep them until He solves them all as only He can. You’ll be so glad you did. Want to give God your problems? Join us in this simple prayer;

Dear Heavenly Father, I have been praying and I’ve said in the past that I trust you, but I can’t truly be trusting you if I am worried about how and if things are going to work out for me. Forgive me Father for entertaining doubt and distrust in your power and your provisions for my life. I may have given you my problems to solve before and then tried to take them back because it either seemed like you were not working on them or it may have seemed that it was taking too long. But here I am again, giving you my problems. Father, teach me to understand the unique ways in which you work. Help me understand as I wait upon you and help me recognize your amazing answers when they come as I surrender my impossible problems to you and await your divine solutions at your set times. In Jesus’s name I ask and pray – Amen