Are You Prepared for Your New Plan B?

This is the time to plant new seeds of intentions as you prepare for God’s next cycles of times of renewal and refreshment for your life . God is working, He’s guiding you and He wants you to make new choices with what He’s putting before you!

You will have to be persistent in the pursuit of your desires and the pursuit of your dreams.  When God begins to lead you, He wants you to be ready to Act upon your dreams and prepare to take action steps and use positive thinking to make your dreams manifest into form. Do not be afraid to let go of the familiar, for the new cannot enter until the old and outworn have moved on. This is your time to firmly decide that you are going to follow God where He clearly leads you because you are sick and tired of your yesterdays that may not have amounted to much or they may have been tiring and stressing you out! God wants you to consciously decide that you want in on what God wants to do in your life now. He wants you to ask Him to help you create His New Plan B and He wants to work with you to help prepare you so that it can be brought into existence. Think big and be grand, for the world is your canvas upon which to play and create. Use the immense power of your imagination to dream even bigger than you have planned. 

When God begins to Reveal your Plan B, He may have new relationships for you, He may have fresh new ideas for you,  fresh new starts, new projects, or the development of new qualities in you, like laughter, light,hope, joy and Love. God’s Plan B has been scheduled for your life if you’re “Really” seeking Him and following the leads that He is placing before you! If His plan B hasn’t been revealed in your life yet, don’t worry, it is coming, it is only a matter of time!  God’s plan B may bring about some good changes in your life. It could also bring about shifts in the directions of your dreams. God may surprise you with what He has in store for you, some of your long awaited dreams could be time to come true.  Regardless as to how or what is unfolding, trust that everything will be handled in a fair and just manner for the good of all, and that it will all be just perfect and in line with God’s divine plans for your life.

God wants you to accept the new that He is bringing in your life, He wants you to celebrate each step along the way and congratulate yourself for a job well done. 


iAffirm this short affirmation with us: “I welcome the new in my life. I am ready for this next chapter to unfold and I set my intentions for this new cycle to be of the most divine and perfect for me. I now notice the signs and synchronizes events that are my guideposts as this divine life unfolds in the most extraordinary ways.” I thank God for Evangelist Wendy Evans and for WIN International Ministries for showing me how God desires to work in my life during this season of my life and I thank YOU God for Heaven’s Open Window!

As God continues to work in your life, Allow for greater flow in your life. When you allow and go with the flow, you are more tuned into the synchronized events that are orchestrated by God. God has Graciously assigned to you an entourage of light beings who are helping you fulfill your path, your destiny and your choices. Connect Now to your deepest knowing, connect to that place deep within you that is connected to God, allow the “How to, and “The when to” to be revealed to you in God’s perfect timing. Meditate and allow and let the answers float right into your mind, and keep trying until you receive  messages or a knowings and just allow. By allowing you receive so much more. Are you ready for more? Are you ready for God’s Plan B? If you are, say this quick prayer with us,

Dear God,
Thank you for this timely message in my life. I do want your plan B, I humbly submit to the way you desire to lead me and I turn from my own of doing things. Please forgive me for my past mistakes and take control of my life. I ask that you come in my life to guide me towards the plan B that you have scheduled for my life during this season, in Jesus name I ask and pray. -Amen!

Tons of love, Sharon & “The WIN International Ministries Team”