Until God brings Your “Something Good”, Here’s 6 Ways to change bad times!

When a bad day takes over it may feel like there is no turning around and no exit visible. Despite the rain cloud that is bestowed down upon you must remember that this too shall pass. Instead of looking for an exit strategy, embrace the bad day by moving past this unfortunate time. Use these six ways to change a bad day and you’ll be on your way to brighter skies in no time.

Accept It

Everyone wants to blame something or someone any time an unfortunate thing happens in their life. Instead of casting blame, try to accept it. Life is about overcoming the bad and making the best out of the time that we are blessed to have each day. Think about it, everyone has bad days – its part of life. The faster you accept it, the faster you can move forward with your day. What can you learn from the situation? What can you do differently in the future to avoid these mishaps? Take everything in stride and accept that bad days occur just like good days.

Get Off Course

Sometimes adding a bit of spontaneity into your day will help to change your bad day. Get off course and do something that will put you in a better mood. Treat yourself to a coffee, take five minutes and sit outside to greet the sun, or perhaps you need to read through a few motivational quotes to get you excited about the rest of your day. Do something that you know will change the course of your day. Remember, you’re the only one that can bring forth real change – if you’re not willing to take action then your day will continue to be negative.

Laugh Out Loud

It’s important to find the humor within your day-to-day. Being able to laugh gives you the power to change the bad instances into positive happy ones. Be willing to forge forward with laughter and know that putting on a smile will give you the ammo to conquer anything that life puts in front of you. In the moment, you may feel silly or perhaps sad but later you’ll appreciate your ability to move past the negativity that engrossed your day.

Relish in a Good Day

Stop and think about one of the happiest days of your life. Really think about it! What were you wearing, who was there, what day was it, how was the weather and perhaps you will even know the exact dialogue that made you happy. Replay that moment in your head again and again until you’re able to put on a genuine smile. Relish in that memory and allow it to evoke the happiness that is waiting to bestow upon your bad day.

Relax and Get off work early For the Day

Every now and again, everyone is entitled to an early ending. If you can move commitments and other engagements to another day then do it. Give yourself a break and call it a day. Sometimes a mental health day is exactly what you need to overcome the bad and come out on top. Take time to reset and Clear your mind from the anxieties that may be taking over, set aside time to pray and seek God regarding any and everything about and in your life. Taking time to relax and getting off early isn’t quitting it’s giving yourself a much needed break from the everyday stresses that sometimes try to over  rule your life and choke the life out of you. If you will do these 6 suggestions often as you wait on God to bring your new, you’ll be much happier, you’ll begin to be refreshed and with God’s help when your “New” arrives, you’ll have more than enough energy, passion and desire to walk in all that He has prepared just For You!