Allow God to change you when things don’t change!

A young woman lived in a home where she was very unhappy. She often complained to her friends and told them how difficult it was for her to stay there. She blamed her parents and the other members of her family for her discontent and threatened to move out as soon as she could afford to be on her own.One day, though, her face was graced with a happy smile. Gone was her usual glum expression. Her eyes were sparkling. There was a spring in her step.When a friend noticed the difference, she exclaimed, “Things must have improved at home. I’m so glad!” “No,” the young woman responded, “I’m the one who’s different!”

That young woman’s outlook was brighter and her relationships with others were transformed. It wasn’t because her circumstances had improved, but it was  because she had experienced a change in her heart. That young woman had gotten so tired of her situations she just could not take them any more. She had come to the end of her self because of what she found herself surrounded with that she thought was just awful.  She had tried every thing and nothing was working for her. And as darkness continued to enevelope her and happiness seemed to be a distant reality for her, right about then, God stepped into her circumstances.

God’s powerful presence in her circumstances were enough to make the difference simply because He was there. When this young woman spent enough time with God He gave her the desire to allow Him to do for her, what she could not do for herself and that was change her heart. God changed her old cold stony heart from a heart that was  insensitive and indifferent to others to a heart of peace, love and acceptance of other’s dysfunctions.

Like this young woman you may find yourself in situations that make you unhappy. God may not have shifted your circumstances fully yet because He may be wanting to do for you what you cannot do for yourself and that is change your own heart. God’s powerful presence in your circumstances will be enough to make the difference if you will invite Him into your unhappy circumstances so He can make the changes neccessary.  When you are confronted with irritating situations and you begin to feel sorry for yourself and you begin to grow very tired of it all, ask yourself the following questions: Is the trouble really with others? Or could it be me? If you find that the trouble is really with you, ask God to fill you with His perfect love and ask Him to change your heart. If you will do this, it will be amazing how your life will begin to look better when the change that God makes is in you. Letting God change you is the best way to change your world.

Want God to change your heart? Here’s a simple prayer for God to change your heart; Lord, take my life and make it yours; Fill my heart with your great divine love. Change my heart so that I am happy with myself and with others no matter how bad they may be because I realize that it is not my job to fix, change or repair their badness it’s yours. Take all my will, my passion, self,and pride; I now surrender,them to you Lord for you are the potter and I am the clay,so have your way. In Jesus’s name I ask and pray – Amen.

-When you stop changing, you stop growing.