In 2015 God wants to open New Doors for you!

When young children begin exploring boundaries at the age of one or two, they frequently hear the word “no.” “NO, you can’t have a cookie before dinner. NO, you can’t eat dirt. NO, you can’t ride Fido around the living room.” Parents tell their children “no” because they want to protect the health of their offspring and teach them the boundaries of normal behavior.

Unfortunately, as children grow they also develop limiting beliefs about their own abilities. Some of these beliefs come from authority figures: “NO, you’re not very good at math. NO, you’ll never get into a good college with those grades.” Other beliefs originate from feelings of inadequacy: “NO, I’ll never amount to anything. NO, she would never want to go to the dance with someone like me.”

By the time children reach adulthood, most have deep-seated beliefs about their personal limitations. To avoid the possibility of looking foolish, many adults live in self-constructed comfort zones designed to insulate them from negative experiences. They rarely, if ever, explore the boundaries of their abilities. But in the process of trying to avoid failure, a large number have failed to find fulfillment. The walls of protection around their lives are, upon closer examination, prison cells.

Here’s a secret for anyone in this situation, God is stepping into the arena of your life and He is swinging  doors wide open for you! He wants to open new doors to open up your mind to new possibilities! He wants to expose you to new doors that will teach you how to Dream Big again! He wants to revive, renew  and refresh you for your life’s purpose again!  He wants to guide you to wide open doors that will teach you how to manage, grow and stretch your finances! Yesterday is over and God’s turnaround for your life is now leading you to new open doors!

It may seem easier to live a quiet, protected life than to try something new. But if previous efforts have failed to produce lasting happiness, if significant change is necessary but unexplored, perhaps it is time to say “YES.” “YES, I can change. “Yes” Yes” “Yes” I want new open doors”! YES, I can make a difference. YES, I can improve my life and experience success. YES, I can!” Yes I am ready for the new doors that God is opening for me!

Waiting for someone else’s permission to start pursuing a better life will likely result in a very long wait. Why wait for someone else’s permission when you already have God’s permission to be all that He has created you to be? If you are ready for the turnaround that God has for your life and the open doors that it will lead you to, simply say “Yes” to whatever doors God wants to open for you!

Even when others say “no,” new possibilities for happiness will appear when you say “YES.”  Will you say “Yes” To God’s open doors for your life? He’s waiting to meet with you when you pray at least 5 minutes or more. God waits for you to pray He wants to get your response!

-G. Baird  & ” The WIN International Ministries Team”