Is God leading You To Change As He Transforms You?

For many professionals and adults, the challenge to keep schedules and effectively manage time is a real one. Beyond that, it’s a really big one, and it can be overwhelming and sometimes even frustrating to have to face the challenge of maximising the very minimal 24 hours that you have in a day.As a result, people start crying out for only two things: More hours in a day or a better way to make use of time. Apparently, the first will take nothing short of a miracle to happen and is really non-practical to have to put all your will power into. The second may also need a miracle to happen sometimes, but a miracle as such is one that is readily made available to us.

Luke 12:22-23 reminds professionals, “Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.”

Many times, the battle of strategically and effectively putting together a schedule that not just gets more things done but also glorifies God comes from the unnecessary struggle of worrying about things that don’t have to matter as much. Simply said, people have problems with priorities.

Priorities are things or people on an individual’s to-do list that share a very high amount of value and importance to that person. Knowing your priorities makes putting schedule entries in order a whole lot easier. As easy as that sounds, not a lot of people practice good prioritizing.

What are the highest priorities? Obviously, the highest value of course would be God and His honour in our life. Secondly, family should be next in the line, and then work comes last. Many schedules fall apart because categories under these three are often left out a lot or maybe because they aren’t arranged according to what is most important.

We miss spending time with kids in replacement for our work, or leave out meeting with God to rush to a meeting with the new clients your boss asked you to close. It can get overwhelming to adhere to the right priorities. To value life more than food and enjoyment, and to value our body and health more than vanity and clothing.

However, when we ask for God’s enabling grace to conquer our calendars and fix our schedules for us, the Lord makes all things work together for the good of those who love, value and prioritise Him most.

What does your schedule look like? Is God still number one in your life? Are you spending enough time seeking God and praying to God? Have you asked God how you can be of assistance to Him as He works in your life to transform you, your problems and your life? Is your family still more important than any worldly thing? Could changing your schedule and getting greater control over your daily schedule be 1 of the ways that God is prompting you to change as He teaches you how to “Truly let Go and let God as He works to solve the existing problems in your life? You’ll never know the answers to these questions until you seek God in prayer and ask Him. Want to seek God and ask Him?

If so, join us in this simple prayer;

Dear God, thank you for guiding me with insight, advice and suggestions on how best to improve my life as you teach me how to “Truly let go and let you work however you will or see fit” in my life as you seek to transform me and the problems that I have in my life. Help me learn to be patient with you God as you guide me daily with steps that I can take now that will lead to a more fruitful, happier and peaceful life. I pray for myself and for Evangelist Wendy Evans for sharing this information with me and I ask for your continual help as I try to get my life on track for my good and your greater Glory! In Jesus Name I ask and pray, Amen!