Want Better Results?Can God Help Manage Your Time?

Almighty God, Our Creator of Heaven and Earth and The creator of time are the same. The Time God is also Our God of order and not confusion. He is an effective time manager and wants us His children to equally use time rightly and profitably for our good and for His Glory!  This article will show you how God wants you to manage your time!   When you read it and implement the suggestions given to you to allow God to help manage your time, you will be blessed with better results, getting more accomplished, and ruling out distractions and things that waste your time, energy and effort! When you become more focused and do things according to plans, you will accomplish better results in your life!

According to the Bible in Genesis chapter one, God planned His work of creation very well and created the universe in six days. Because of hard work, He finished His work in the planned time and then He got sufficient time to rest on the seventh day. Because God created everything according to plan and priority, all that was created was very good (Gen 1:31).

God gives us a good example and a good pattern to follow to manage our time effectively like He did. So if you want better results, plan your activities properly, do them according to plan and priority and at the right time, which will  then give you enough time to rest and be refreshed. In order to be effective in doing work, you  need sufficient rest for your body, spirit and soul before resuming work. This is a good lesson for people who worship their work and find no time for themselves, their children, their families or their spouses.

God created the universe and everything in it according to plan and priority. He created light first because He knew it was going to be the source of life for all other organisms. He ended His work by creating man, who was to manage all the rest of the creation. He gave man the responsibility of naming other organisms and the wisdom to co-create where need be. Likewise, Christians should be well organized.  They should plan their activities properly and do them according to their priority, if they are to enjoy life in this world and then in Heaven to the Glory of God.


To help you get better results in your life and better manage your time, Below are some guidelines to help you plan properly and prioritize your activities.  All that you have to do should be first put in one of the following categories:


1.  Things which are urgent and important should be done first

2.  Things which are not urgent but important should but be done next

3.  Things which are urgent but not important should not waste your time and

4.  Things which are not urgent and not important must be neglected


When everything is good but done at the wrong time it cannot be good at all. For example producing a baby girl by a young married couple is very good when planned and there are sufficient finances to take care of the baby girl,  but if she is produced by a school girl of 14 who is not working and living at home with her parents, it becomes an abomination to the entire family and a heavy load for everyone to help carry. Therefore, if all activities are done according to their priority on the plan and finished on time, it pleases God who created you.  He says that everything has its own time and all will be beautiful when done at their right time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). This is what brings glory to God.


May the good Lord richly bless you as you implement these suggestions on managing your time as you continue to seek Him for better results for your life!



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